Learn Baking Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe At Home

The stuffed crust pizza Recipe is an easy-to-make and healthy pizza crust full of mozzarella cheese. It is perfectly blended with fresh toppings and is a good treat for sacrilegious pizza lovers. Learn Baking Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe At Home and indulge in the delightful combination of gooey cheese and savory toppings with this step-by-step guide.

The stuffed crust pizza recipe offers a rustic style that tastes delicious.  

Here’s how cheese-stuffed crust pizza originated- 

In the early 90s, Patty Scheibmeir was working as a food scientist at Pizza Hut when she came up with an innovation that would change the industry of stuffed crust.

By infusing dough with mozzarella, Scheibmeir made these crusts more appealing to customers who previously ignored them. 

If you are looking for the best way to make a pizza is to consult a takeout menu and dial a phone number, think again. The best pizzas are made in a rustic style and are delicious. 

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A crispy base and a perfectly cooked and melted topping make the perfect pizza. There are simple ways to accomplish this in your kitchen. It is due to the stuffed pizza crust that has made Pizza Hut so popular. 


  • 7 sticks (1 oz each) of string cheese
  • 1/2cup pizza sauce
  • 24slices pepperoni (from 3.5-oz package)
  • 2cups shredded Italian cheese mozzarella blend (8 oz)
  • (13.8 oz) Pizza Dough (homemade)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks  
  • Mushroom in chopped slices
  • Cornmeal
  • Warm water  
  • Ounces of Italian sausages that is browned and drained 
  • Garlic Salt 
  • Amul Butter 
  • Romano cheese


stuffed crust pizza recipe

  • Preheat the oven to 425°F 
  • Cooking spray or shortening should be used to grease a 12-inch pizza pan 
  • Let the dough roll out and position it on the pan
  • Flatten the pizza crust while kneading the dough 
  • Starting in the center, press out dough to the edge of the pan
  • Pressing up and extending at least 1 inch over the sides 
  • Wrap string cheese around the inside edge of the crust
  • Fold the extended pizza border of the dough over the cheese and pinch firmly to seal 
  • Distribute the sauce evenly over the dough. Pepperoni and cheese blend on top
  • Bake for 12 to 16 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the cheese in the center is melted
  • Slice into wedges so that the taste spreads all over the crust 

Choose Your Toppings

  • Meat Lovers with the right kind of cooked sausage, diced ham, pepperoni, ground hamburger with some grilled chicken is a perfect blend 
  • Margherita style with fresh basil, tomatoes with the fresh mozzarella offers great taste when used as toppings 
  • Mexican pizza with refried beans, corn, and cilantro with sliced jalapenos, cooked taco meat with Mexican cheese blends 
  • The stuffed crust pizza is one of the right personal toppings as they offer bacon
  • Veggie pizza is loaded with the favorite veggies set with the favorite peppers, mushrooms, red onions, and all kinds of mozzarella cheese 
  • Sauces also play a great role in making the pizza taste better 

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Ways To Make Stuffed Cheese Pizza At Home 

  • With this Easy Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe, you can have delicious, piping hot pizza in less time than the time you order a pizza online and the delivery boy brings it to you. 
  • It has a chewy garlic bread crust on the outside and ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese on the inside, and it couldn’t be simpler to make!It takes almost about 20-25 minutes to get ready 
  • The homemade stuffed crust pizza is available with the best pre-made marinara sauce in the area of deli at the grocery store 
  • Now prepare your pizza sauce and take it to the batch for pasta night later this week 
  • Spread the thin layer of the garlic spread over the crust all before you add the cheese on the toppings that makes the food bubbly and brown 
  • Use the dried tomato alfredo sauce to make a white pizza that tastes heavenly and with some stuffed cheese it adds a nourishing taste altogether

Cheese Stuffed Pizza Tips

stuffed crust pizza recipe

  • The cheese-stuffed pizza is one of the easiest stuffed pizza recipes. It is best prepared at home. And, the ingredients used in it are healthy and there is nothing complicated about the recipe 
  • While you are making cheese stuffed pizza it is wise to use regular sheet pan to prepare the crust with the sheet of parchment paper by transferring it to the sheet pan and prepare the pizza to bake 
  • Suppose you are planning to enjoy cheese-stuffed pizza, it is best to eat stuffed cheese crust with the favorite toppings made from scratch
  • When you are planning to put the cheese, it is best to use mozzarella cheese sticks, and place it on the edges of the crust that you have, and then press to seal with your fingers before baking the pizza base
  • And, if you want to have the perfect round shape. It is best to cut the mozzarella strips into short pieces, lay them around the border of the pizza base, and then lock it 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does stuffed crust work?

Ans1. The bottom with sides of a deep dish pan when stuffed with cheese along with the pizza dough like a pie with that of the tomato sauce like a calzone hybrid along the deep dish.  

Q2. What does Pizza Hut spray on its crust?

Ans2. The pan dough of the pizza hut sprays with a decent amount of vegetable oil on the bottom of the pan coated with that of the spray with the food release. 

Q3. Why does Pizza Hut taste different?

Ans3. Pizza Hut is now rolling out a different type of cheese and it is adding a new taste to the baking procedure that can enhance the flavor of the crust. 

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