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Just completed the renovation of your house and now heading over to redecorate your kitchen? Well, it’s gonna be a lot of work and we would love to help you in some way! A very important part of kitchen redecoration is the garbage disposal hence it’s very important to learn the best location for garbage can in kitchen!

Garbage not managed in a correct way and just laying around is not a very good impression for a new kitchen like yours! If you want your kitchen to really rock and be the best among others, you need to master these small yet big issues.

In this article, you would get a complete guide as to how to manage kitchen wastes in a subtle and neat way.

Let’s head over to them!


In this modern world, every problem has a modern solution! So does the problem of kitchen waste management. Pull-out drawers can be the best option for placing a garbage can for easy disposal. Here’s how it can benefit you!

If you don’t want a dustbin highlighting inside of your kitchen and rather a modern outlook, this idea would be just perfect for you!

But this isn’t the end, we have a lot more sneaky ideas planned for you!


Some people dislike having trash cans in one of the drawers where the rest of the utensils or other kitchen-related items are placed. All they want is to keep the bin separate but also not to come into the eyes of guests. So, we got you with our hidden dustbin idea!

This has proven to be the best among many kitchen garbage storage ideas and is ideal for many people!

Although, these are pretty amazing ideas but involve a lot of investment. Here are some affordable solutions for you!

kitchen garbage storage ideas


Kitchen garbage solutions are not always expensive! Some can afford separate drawers or cabinets while some are more into affordable diy kitchen garbage can storage ideas!

DIY slide-out garbage bins and trays make your kitchen so royal in the cheapest way possible. Most of the waste is collected near the sink and having a bin under it is no less than a blessing! Here are some easy steps to make one for you:

  1. Select a big space near your sink area. Measure its length and width and then arrange for an appropriate size trash can.
  1. Bring out all the essentials for the sliding box and attach them at the sides.
  1. For the base, choose the bars structure as it would be easier for you to clean the bottom of your bins if sometime the polybag of the bin happens to rip! It’s very important to maintain hygiene in this section of your kitchen.
  1. Now, just place the trash box. It’s preferred if you opt one with no side opening for an easier use.

Voila! You made the slide-out garbage bin! It’s such a baby method and would take only a couple of hours!

Another very go-to method is the traditional one! Let’s see what the hype is about!


Sometimes, it’s just the simple and the traditional way that pleases people. Many households still keep a dustbin in a corner of the kitchen to collect all the rubbish.

It’s not about the idea, but how we perceive it. If we keep the kitchen clean and tidy, one small trash can won’t harm your dream kitchen’s look. If you keep it hygienic and prevent mess around it, everything is fine. What really matters is where to put trash can in kitchen?

If it still disturbs you, you can always decorate the outside of your trash can in a cool way, making cool animations, drawing, or a cleanliness quote would do the thing for you!

Rubbish bins for kitchens are like the soul of the kitchen as it is the one that carries all the waste to make your kitchen a safe and clean space for you to enjoy. Hence, it’s not an overrated thing to keep it at a corner that’s visible to all.

With a solution that fits your conditions, you can establish a secure bin system in your kitchen! So what are you waiting for! Start making the adjustments now!

Rubbish bins for kitchens


  1. Which is the best type of waste bin to use in a kitchen?

The bin that has a foot-operated opening lid proves best since it’s unhygienic to open the bin with your hands. Also, recycle container for kitchen is promoted for disposing of the waste in an environmentally friendly way!

  1. What are some safety measures to practice regarding trash cans?
  1. What is the best size for kitchen bins?

15-30 liters is the best for a nuclear family. If you have a big family, opt for the 40-50 liters one.


Kitchen waste has never been taken seriously and its management is worth the efforts to maintain a hygienic and safe environment in your new kitchen! Hence, do give a thought to all these ideas regarding kitchen waste storage! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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