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Best Tropical Drinks: Vodka And Cocktail Fun

Best Tropical Drinks

Best Tropical Drinks

Are you one of those dreaming of having some tropical vibes this summer? Well, say less! Only way one could think of bringing those tropical vibes in reality is to have some chill breezers! And this Hot summer demands for some tropical drinks on the menu!

On a nice vacation, when someone is sitting by the pool and having a joyous time with loved ones, having some exotic tropical cocktails by your side just adds to more fun! But having the knowledge of the best and finest tropical drinks is something where we lack! But not anymore since this article will provide you a complete guide over super refreshing tropical drinks!

Here’s a small sneak peak for you as to what we will talk about!

So without wasting any further time, let’s get started!

Common Tropical Vodka Drinks

What better than to kick off the summer week with some tropical vodka drinks! Everyone opts for vodka when it comes to mixing a liquor in drinks withstanding it’s flavourful taste and quality!

Common Tropical Vodka Drinks

This clear distilled alcoholic beverage is all you need to kick it up a notch in all those regular slushies, mocktails, and fruit punches!We have brought to you some of the amazing vodka cocktails that you can arrange easily for your next houseparty! Let’s have a look at them

Vodka Ginger Ale

Vodka ginger ale is a 5 star highball cocktail drink you would find on every menu and is basically a mix of vodka and ginger ale. With its sweet taste paired up with a ginger like finish, you wouldn’t even wanna consider any other drink over it. 

All you need for its simple preparation is ¼ cup vodka and ½ ginger ale and some ice and lime for topping!

Since it’s the highball cocktail, it gives us an illusion of more booze, but in reality, it’s mostly the main drink rather than the additional alcohol. Even for that little quantity, we do have some high quality replacement options for you to go with:

All these can be a perfect substitute for vodka in this drink! Coming to ginger ale, some of trusted brands include:

This drink is the perfect combination to go ahead with!

Vodka Berry Smash

This drink with a power pair of vodka and berries would smash you with freshness and a delightful mood! The major plus point is how this drink is all inclusive of being vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, and naturally sweet.

This berry splash is all about blackberries, raspberries, mint and lime with a vodka touch at the end! Recreating this hot summer cocktail is all about taking advantage of seasonal fruit, berries!

Vodka Berry Smash

Who wouldn’t want a fruity cocktail enriched with goodness of such fruits and mint like herbs and little not so strong vodka is like cherry on the top!

So, get ready to smash this scorching heat with your very own vodka berry smash!

The Sea Breezer

Get ready to witness the wonders of this light and breezy beverage! We all love to have cranberry juices and grapefruit in the summer. And what about when the awesomeness of both these gets a match with vodka!

This drink has a historic importance too as it was invented in the 1920s, where gin and grenadine were being used for it! But gradually, it was transformed with the addition of cranberry juice which definitely makes it much better!

The Sea Breezer

This drink is apt for your summer night parties and even weekend getaways or dinners! It’s creation only requires mixing up vodka, cranberry, and grapefruit juices together and topping it up with some rock crushed ice and voila! The heavenly beverage is all ready to lighten your mood!

Breeze off all your worries by having the sea breezer!

Elderflower Cocktail

Here’s a drink you won’t be able to give up if you start sipping on it! As unique as the name sounds, the same goes with its mind-blowing taste! With a mixture of lemon, vodka, tonic water, one just can’t resist the feeling of having it!

But it does involve a secret ingredient which has a major role to play along, that is, St Germain, a liqueur made with elderflowers, the small white flowers of an elderberry plant. The flavor is light, floral, and fragrant. One who has tasted it would relate with us so much!

Elderflower Cocktail

These drinks are most suitable for baby showers or bachelorette parties, kick starting new beginnings with a little toast by this elderflower cocktail beside you!

All these top class tropical drinks with vodka are worth a try as all your efforts would prove worthy when you have the first sip of them!

Besides these common ones, we also have country special cocktails for you! Let’s get right into it!

Hawaiian Tropical Drinks

No country suits best for some vacation mode rather than Hawaii! Hawaii and it’s popularity for its special tropical beverages needs no introduction!

However, what about someone who can’t visit hawaii? how to bring such a vacay vibe at home? Well, we got an answer for you! What your taste buds desire is some famous Hawaiian drink recipes that we have got your way! Witness yourself how easy and conveniently we bring the tropical vibe at your doorstep!

Pina Colada

Pina coladas have a significance of their own in highlighting the entire party! If you have been missing out on some Hawaiian touch in life lately, have some Pina colada to brighten up your day through this simple recipe!

Rum, coconut, pineapple is all you need to make it. Blend the white rum, coconut cream, pineapple chunks and some ice together! Pour it in a glass and garnish with some pineapple slices!

Pina Colada

Fun fact about this is that the blended Pina colada is the traditional one, passing from ages to ages! But modern times have also added a little twist by shaking all the ingredients together!

This would be the most effortless recipe you would ever make yet the most delicious one! Now you can enjoy some Pina coladas whenever you want!

Mac Nut Martini

How can one forget about some nutty martini while talking about Hawaiian drinks!If you happen to eat nuts a lot, this cocktail is the perfect fit for you. A sweet drink like this is to end all those post dinner cravings of yours and ending the meal perfectly!

You will be needing to mix some vodka and  macadamia nut liqueur. For all the chocolate lovers out there, you can also add some chocolate syrup to have a desired flavour.

Mac Nut Martini

Now, along with some splash of ice, shake them well in a cocktail shaker.

This martini is one the most intriguing drinks out of all and you won’t regret having it!

Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is one of the most talked about Tiki drinks in the world. The Mai Tai was evident with the fact how in the 1950s–60s, it was sold in large amounts in many restaurants, particularly tiki-themed! Mai Tai means the best—out of this world, and that is exactly what one would feel about it if ever tasted!

Mai Tai

White rum, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, Orange curaçao and ice are combined with apt quantities following a topping of some dark rum as the tradition follows.

 Now, it’s your time to scream ‘ Mai Tai’ by having it next time you make it yourself following some really simple steps!

Hawaiian Margarita

It’s never too late to talk about margaritas! Hawaiian Margaritas are made with pineapple and coconut with a squeeze of lime,to make you feel like a trip to Hawaii at home! If you have been looking for some recipes of fruit punches for your next party, this is for you!

Just like other cocktails, this one also requires you to use all its ingredients like tequila, coconut water, pineapple juice, lime juice and pineapple limes. Although, if you like having it in a frozen form, then you gotta use frozen pineapple chunks in place of ice.

Hawaiian Margarita

Matching the tropical aesthetic and vibe of Hawaii and its surroundings can be skeptical but these famous delish cocktails can definitely make you feel such an aesthetic in some form at home!

Some surreal Caribbean special drinks also await you! Let’s gain some insights about them!

Caribbean Tropical Cocktails

Summers are that time of the year when everyone needs a tropical break and the first picture of vacation that strikes to mind is sitting in a Caribbean area beside the sea and having a trending cocktail in your hand! However, present times have led all the Caribbean fans stuck indoors!

But with our gathered best caribbean and easily available cocktails, one can bring the feels of Saint Lucia or Antigua, Curacao, or Grenada at their doorstep! If you don’t believe us, check out the list yourself!

St. Lucian Rum Punch

All the way from the only female country of the world, the islands of Saint Lucia, this drink right here is to die for!

Although there are many rum punches in the market, none of them would have the apt tropical coloring like a St. Lucian one has! St. Lucia rum punch, is prepared using rum made from sugar cane syrup and  it’s  a deadly combination of lime, orange, pineapple juice along with some grenadine syrup and a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg!

St. Lucian Rum Punch

The high amount of grenadine syrup is what makes it a signature St. Lucia drinks by giving it a sunset like color.

This classic and versatile drink has no time to drink and is suitable for whenever you want it! Therefore, experience this moment at home until the time of basking in sun in St lucia islands comes!

Blue Lagoon

This drink originating from Netherland Antilles is surely not something you haven’t heard of!

Blue Lagoon is quite the one giving you the relaxation vibes  with its mixture of lemonade, vodka, and that famously fluorescent drink. This drink garnished with orange slices along with Maraschino cherry at the top  is the pleasure you would always want!

Blue Lagoon

It has a taste of sweet tart and refreshing in nature. Once you’ve understood the basic blue drink, you can even change up some ingredients to make it more interesting and favouring your flavour. This blue lagoon would blow off all the Monday blues you are having!

Bahama Mama

If one has ever been to the Bahamas, they would never skip on having the Bahama Mama!

Bright fruity flavors of orange and pineapple come along  with ultra-smooth rum in this Bahama Mama drink. It’s for the die heart sweet tooth persons out there!

Bahama Mama

When it comes to creating the perfect Bahama Mama drink, some important ingredient notes to keep in mind include using dark rum for a rich flavour, using freshly squeezed lemons, adding some amount of coconut rum and grenadine syrups for the best results!

Having this drink after a long tiring day at work feels no less than a blessing! Therefore, it’s advisable not to ignore this Bahama special breeze to witness the best summers of your life!

Antigua Smile

If you haven’t yet known Antigua Smile, the heavenly drink of Antigua and Barbuda, you have missed out on a lot!

This drink has the most unique combination among all the above drinks, the mixture of banana and pineapple! This exotic and ultra-chic drink would definitely be your next favourite summer drink! All required in this is the art of mixing the ingredients like banana, pineapple juice and english harbour rum well and phew! It will be all ready!

Being one of the best sellers of Caribbean countries, it’s a must try! Only a sip of this Antigua beverage would be enough to put a smile on your face!

Antigua Smile

These Caribbean Specials are some of the popular tropical drinks that can be easily arranged at home while you envision yourself drinking them near a porch by the seaside!

Tiki cocktails, summer breezer, mocktails, no matter what you call them, sometimes all you need is good tropical drinks beside you to let go off the stress hampering your summer enjoyment! Now, even if you can’t step out of your house, you know how to gather the necessary ingredients for bringing the tropical vibe at home!


To conclude, tropical drinks are a must to have the best time in the upcoming summers! Tropical drinks are everything about how some classic fruit juices like pineapple, coconut, banana and citrus can be spruced up with a touch of rum and vodka to form a not-so-boozy drink!

That little glass garnished with some lime wedges and cherries is just perfect for adding sparkle of energy in your parties! Now, tune in your favourite summer playlist and enjoy the drink with the cheer of the best summer ever! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!


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