Can Delicious Pizza Give You Food Poisoning?

Yes, one can get food poisoning from pizza. Though it is one of the yummiest junk foods. Pizza contains many varied ingredients. The combinations and elements can cause severe bacterial infections if not baked and consumed properly.

Furthermore, the toppings and dough can be the breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, etc. Thus, it can make you nauseous and leave you pooping all day by leaving diarrhea-leading bacteria in your tummy.

So, by being a little alert and conscious you can always enjoy it. Considering the same, here are some best prevention methods to keep in mind and to keep munching on that yummy cheesy slice of pizza.

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But, does it mean that you should not enjoy the pizza treat at all. Well, that’s not the case. Food poisoning from pizza depends on a lot of factors. And as the Famous Indian Actor, Shahrukh Khan rightly said that if you love something with all your heart, the entire universe will align to get you close to it. So let’s know some prevention methods.

How Can You Prevent Pizza Poisoning? 

There are various ways to prevent food poisoning from pizza, and most of them are easy-pizzy, which you can very easily follow.

Can Delicious Pizza Give You Food Poisoning?
  1. Properly storing the pizza. Keeping the pizza away from other edibles will prevent the transfer of bacteria to the pizza and keep it safe to eat for a longer time. If you want to have that yummy pizza and don’t want to get ill, you’ll have to protect it from another foodstuff.
  1. Use preservatives if you want to keep the pizza for longer durations. Natural preservatives like vitamin C, vinegar, etc., and artificial preservatives can keep the food intact and edible for longer and prevent food poisoning. 
  1. It is always advisable to keep the preparation ready and make the final dish when you want to consume it. It will reduce the risk of food poisoning to a great extent.
  1. Temperature is another most important factor. 5 to 60 degrees centigrade is called a temperature danger zone. Bacteria grow best in this range of temperature. This tells us that we must keep the food cold or hot to prevent it from getting ruined.
  2. Food poisoning bacteria need moisture to grow; keeping the pizza in air-tight containers will prevent bacterial growth to a great extent.

Is Pizza Dough To Blame For Food Poisoning?

Yes, pizza dough can cause food poisoning. If the pizza dough is uncooked, it will be a breeding ground for yeast, listeria, and various bacteria. It will be full of germs. While cooking, the heat kills the germs in the uncooked dough but eating it raw causes food poisoning.

Can Delicious Pizza Give You Food Poisoning?

Is It Possible To Get Food Poisoning From Frozen Pizza That Hasn’t Been Cooked? 

No frozen food is a safe option as when it freezes the high temperatures don’t let bacteria or other microorganisms grow.

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Also, frozen pizza contains high amounts of preservatives which keep it fine for longer.

However, if the frozen pizza is undercooked, there is a good chance that the raw topping on pizza or dough can cause lot of stomach issues.

How To Tell If A Pizza Is Undercooked?

Undercooked pizza can not only taste different but even can look different. With that being mentioned, here are some quick differences between cooked and undercooked pizza:

Cooked PizzaUncooked Pizza
Crunchy and golden-brown crust.Too soft and flexible to the touch and thin on the edges. 
mounted dough.Flat dough.
Airy texture of the dough when chewed, with properly cooked toppings.Hard crust to chew with cold toppings. 
Slightly moist baseSaucy base and runny consistency.
Cheese completely melted with some golden-brown patches.Un-melted cheese. 

Is It Possible To Become Ill From Eating Pizza Sauce? 

Yes, Pizza sauce is made from tomatoes that are acidotic in nature. In case, it is not stored properly, there is a possibility that the sauce can be contaminated with And, tomatoes can cause food poisoning very easily. Clostridium botulinum, is a toxic bacteria and hence can cause food poisoning and stomach ache.

Thus, before consuming it, it is important that inspect the jar or can of Pizza Sauce and see if :

  • The seal of the jar is intact or broken.
  • Can is in perfect condition and not dented or swollen
  • And, the bubbly foam can be seen once you open it

If you notice any deviation in these signs, there is a possibility that pizza sauce has gone bad. And thus, it can potentially make your ill.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Get Food Poisoning From Pizza?

The food poisoning from pizza usually shows symptoms one or two days after consuming it, but that isn’t a fixed rule; people get sick in a few hours or weeks. The main symptom is nausea, which is feeling ill with a vomit-like feeling.

It is usually advisable by doctors these days to have a good digestion supplement after you eat something containing heavy dough, as it is very important for the dough to digest in your body. Otherwise, it causes severe issues other than food poisoning too.

2. Is Your Pizza Dough Ready For You To Munch On It?

To tell if the pizza dough is completely cooked or not, you can

  • By looking at it. Look at the base of the pizza. If it’s white, it means it’s undercooked or uncooked. It should be brown or golden brown.
  • By tasting it. If the pizza bread tastes very soft and sticks in your teeth, it’s undercooked.
  • By smelling it. The smell of cooked pizza base will be neutral, but uncooked pizza base will give a slightly rotten smell.

3. Gummy Dough In Your Tummy?

Gummy pizzas can be for many reasons, mainly undercooked pizza. Even if the pizza looks cooked from the outside, it’s uncooked from the inside, and the raw part of the pizza tastes gummy. It is one of the major causes of food poisoning from pizza.

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