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Can RumChata Go Bad

Can RumChata Go Bad

Yes, RamChata can go bad after 12 months if it is opened, but if you preserve it for the longest time as unopened, it will endure for several years at room temperature. Consideirng which is known as a shelf-stable liqueur.

Having mentioned that, it is important to know RumChata is a cream liqueur made with fresh dairy cream, five-times-distilled Caribbean rum, and a dash of cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. It may remain open and kept at room temperature for up to 12 months before losing its spicy taste. So, do not eat or drink anything if the color, flavor, or taste changes; instead, throw it away right away.

Shelf Life Of RumChata

RumChata doesn’t last as long as other liqueurs like triple sec. After 12 months of being opened, it can start to go bad. The best-by date can be a big assistance. However, this does not imply that drinking RumChata after that is dangerous.

RumChata’s manufacturer claims that an unopened bottle will keep its quality and be excellent for many years. According to the manufacturer, the liqueur should be safe to consume for around 6 months after the bottle has been split open. Furthermore, RumChata can be kept at room temperature even after being opened, much like other rum-based goods.

Even while the liqueur might taste excellent cold, cooling it down won’t always increase its shelf life. However, a bottle that has been opened can start to lose some fiery flavor after a year. You may keep them in wine cellars as well. Additionally, make sure there are no broken or improperly sealed bottles.

Tips To Tell If RumChata Has Gone Bad

If you want an answer to if RumChata can expire? Then the answer is Yes, it can expire. In general, the liqueur should be completely safe if the bottle is unopened and everything appears to be in fine condition. The worst-case scenario is that it doesn’t taste so great if it’s an old bottle (but still acceptable most likely).

Can You Freeze RumChata?

Yes, RumChata can be stored in the freezer. The length of time that RumChata can be kept in the freezer is limitless. Like any other alcohol, the drink won’t be harmed by the freezer, although it could affect its consistency. Freezing it in ice cube trays is a useful approach for this. If the temperature in your pantry gets too hot during the summer, you may also store it in your refrigerator. RumChata keeps its flavor for a long time in an unopened bottle. However, you must keep it between 50 and 75° F. RumChata in an opened bottle is still drinkable at room temperature.

How To Properly Store RumChata?

RumChata and other rum-based alcoholic drinks, including rum itself, may be stored similarly. It only has to be firmly closed, at room temperature or below, and away from heat sources. Some of the major tips to store RumChata are as follows:

Does RumChata Go Bad After Opening?

Yes, RumChata can go after opening because every bottle has a “best by date” label. Therefore, the first sign that RumChata has spoiled is a change in color or a visible bacterial growth surrounding the bottle. Simply give it a good swirl to see if the RumChata is still good or has gone rotten.  Second, the flavor or peculiar black odor of the old bottle of RumChata changes. If you’re not sure whether your RumChata is okay with that strange fragrance or whether it tastes unpleasant, make sure to throw it away.It has probably gone bad, and your entire drink will be ruined by its bland flavor.

Can You Get Sick From Old RumChata?

Yes, RumChata which has gone bad might make you unwell, especially if it exhibits spoiling symptoms. However, the health effects need not be severe, and recovery is possible within a few hours. If you don’t detect that a RumChata has gone bad, you could still be able to drink it. If this occurs, you shouldn’t be concerned because it’s unlikely to affect your health.

Even if you consumed an entire cocktail made with RumChata, nothing more serious should occur. However, spoiled rum or dairy products may make you feel nauseous for many hours.

Your RumChata bottles will suffer if exposed to sunlight. Any heat source, not only sunshine, is bad for your drink since it can be ruined by the heat from sunlight.

Alternatives To RumChata

Time For Expert Tip

There are some crucial and  pro tips one should follow before buying RumChata which are as follows:


Q1. Does RumChata go bad if refrigerated?
Ans. Yes, you can store RumChata in the refrigerator, it will not cause any spoilage or anything special to your drink. RumChata will keep for the same amount of time in the refrigerator as it does in the pantry.
A bottle that has been opened can keep its flavor for up to 12 months. 

A bottle that has not been opened can keep its flavor for several years. Make sure it maintains a constant temperature if you store it in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage. Even while the liqueur might taste excellent cold, cooling it down won’t always increase its shelf life.

Q2. Is curdled RumChata bad for you?

Ans. No, curdled RumChata is not bad for your health. The RumChata will become curdled in hot weather. Curdling will make the liqueur less pleasant to look at even if it is still safe to consume.

RumChata is prone to curdling because cream gives it its rich, delectable flavor. Citrus drinks and certain sodas, according to The Spruce Eats, are examples of high-acid add-ins that can have this unattractive impact. The article goes on to say that the acid reaction is only an eyesore and has no effect on the flavor or drinkability of the cocktail.

Q3. How long does RumChata last once open?
Ans. An opened bottle of RumChata will taste slightly different if you’ve kept it for longer than a year. After a year, RumChata which has been opened will lose its spicy flavor and become useless as an ingredient in your beverage.

Unopened bottles of RumChata should keep for several years if kept at room temperature. If the bottle is opened, it will only last for 12 months.

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