Does it go bad?

Does Gin Go Bad?

does gin go bad

Gin has an indefinite shelf life and doesn’t go bad for years if unopened. Once its bottle is opened, oxidation starts and now its quality depends on the storage and the quantity of the alcohol.  It is almost impossible to finish a whole bottle of gin in just one go. We usually store that bottle … Read more

Can RumChata Go Bad

Can RumChata Go Bad

Yes, RamChata can go bad after 12 months if it is opened, but if you preserve it for the longest time as unopened, it will endure for several years at room temperature. Consideirng which is known as a shelf-stable liqueur. Having mentioned that, it is important to know RumChata is a cream liqueur made with … Read more

Does Isopropyl Alcohol Expire?

does isopropyl alcohol expire

Yes, once opened Isopropyl alcohol starts losing its effectiveness but it doesn’t actually go bad.  In most cases, we use isopropyl alcohol as a natural household disinfectant that can be used for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. It comes in a diluted 99 % solution. Isopropyl alcohol does not expire, but the stored isopropyl alcohol can … Read more

Does Maple Syrup Go Bad?

Does Maple Syrup Go Bad

Who doesn’t love maple syrup, Drizzling over your desserts, pancakes, and puddings, and even in almond milk. So tempting and delicious! With that being mentioned, while buying your maple syrup bottle, do you ever think maple syrup goes bad? You will be happy to know that organic maple syrup does not have any shelf life … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Expire

does rubbing alcohol expire

Rubbing alcohol is used for several things in households. As we don’t use them more often, sometimes it makes us think that rubbing alcohol goes bad and it expires. So the answer is, yes, it does. Rubbing alcohol is made up of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. The water content will start to evaporate … Read more

Does Tequila Go Bad?

Does Tequila Go Bad?

It’s a Lucky No! Tequila doesn’t go bad. Tequila is a distilled alcohol made from blue agaves long as it is stored properly and is not exposed to extreme temperatures, it should not go bad. However, it’s worth noting that over time, the taste and aroma of tequilas can change, and it may not be … Read more