Does Bottled Water Go Bad?

Does bottled water go bad

I am certain the question does sound strange. Afterall, drinking water is an everyday affair. Be it tap water, bottled water, or anything like that.However, as a matter of fact, many brands have the ‘best before date’ and some do not which brings up the concern of can bottled water go bad and worries us … Read more

Do Tea Bags Go Bad

do tea bags go bad

I like to have tea daily and my pantry has a lot of old tea bags that sometimes make me wonder if I should use them or not. Being skeptical about this is not wrong and I think we should have complete assurance before using any edible things.  On finding the answers, technically speaking, No, … Read more

Do Coffee Grounds Go Bad ?

do coffee grounds go bad

Using coffee grounds in day-to-day life activities is a great idea. It is a very good source to exfoliate the skin and is also used in kitchen gardens and obviously as a daily dose of caffeine. I store it in a refrigerator or a vacuum seal, but sometimes its odour changes and its texture makes … Read more

Does Tea Go Bad?

does tea go bad

Yes, tea certainly go bad. Although different varieties of tea do not have specific expiration dates, their quality will deteriorate with time. Tea, on the other hand, may age or lose flavour more quickly if not stored properly. Tea may truly deteriorate if exposed to heat and humidity. If you’re unsure about the quality of … Read more