Does Vanilla Extract Go Bad?

does vanilla extract go bad

Who doesn’t love Vanilla Extract, afterall, it is famous for its adaptable flavourings all over the world. And so, I always look forward to keeping it safe from its expiration! But, wonder if vanilla extract actually goes bad? So, I thought to find more details about it and luckily, figured out the shelf life of … Read more

Does Sugar Go Bad

does sugar go bad

Luckily, Sugar do not go bad. Food safety experts from the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Services and Inspection Service say that “sugar never gets spoiled”, but the research also recommends using the sugar within 2 years after opening the packet.  Moreover, Sugar beet and sugar cane are the source for nearly all industrial raw … Read more

Does Brown Sugar Go Bad ?

does brown sugar go bad

Lucky Us! NOOO, brown sugar don’t go bad! But, definitely, it is saved if you’ve stored your packet of brown sugar in a cool and dry place with a tight seal. Otherwise, It may form lumps or get hard after keeping it in storage for a long time, which happens when sugar comes in contact … Read more