Does Baileys Go Bad?

Yes, baileys can go bad. It comes with a shelf life of 2 years and even if you store it correctly, saving it for longer than 2 years is not really possible.

What is Baileys?

It is an Irish Cream liqueur flavored with cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey. This alcoholic drink is poured exclusively on tequila, hot chocolate, coffee, ice cream, and Cold Brew. Also, you can add extra sweet fun to your bailey by using maple sweetener.

Things to know about Baileys:

  1. Apart from the original Irish cream, baileys drink comes in many flavors like baileys salted caramel, baileys espresso creme, baileys chocolate cherry, and baileys vanilla cinnamon.
  2. Baileys isn’t actually an Irish drink. It was invented in London in 1973.
  3. All the cream that is used in making baileys comes from Irish cows. While bailies is not an Irish drink at all, the cream used in preparing this drink is.
  4. Around 2,300 glasses of baileys are consumed every single minute across the globe.
  5. The first-ever Baileys was made in a kitchen and was mixed using a regular kitchen blender.
  6. Since baileys contain cream made with cow’s milk, had been a strict no-go for vegans for over 40 years. And that is why the baileys company recently came up with a vegan version of its signature drink in 2017.

Considering all the facts we can say that

Baileys is definitely a heaven for all those who love alcohol. Its rich and creamy taste stands out and makes it the favorite drink of the bartenders too.

Also, do you know baileys is known as the women’s drink because initially it was created for women? But that doesn’t mean men can’t have it or don’t drink it.

Anyone is allowed to drink and enjoy this drink the way they like!

Furthermore, the answer to questions like do baileys go bad or not or Do baileys expire is pretty simple to understand that it comes with a shelf life of 2 years. But it is best to consume them within 6 months to experience the best flavor and fresh taste.

Bailey shelf life
Bailey shelf life

Does Irish Cream Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Yes, it needs to be refrigerated once opened. while liquor doesn’t need to be stored on the fridge but since it has got cream in it which is a dairy product, preserving it in the fridge is preferable.

Not to forget, baileys taste the best when it is served chilled.

Can You Freeze Irish Cream?

And here comes the same discussion but in a different form. As we said above, the alcohol content in the baileys doesn’t need to be refrigerated. But the cream does. And when it comes to freezing, the liquor part will take some to freeze while the cream part of the baileys will freeze in no time.

So, if you will freeze baileys, it will create a problem for you while pouring it. Freezing baileys will change the texture of the dink and the cream part will turn into crystals which will not taste good at all.

How To Store Bailey?

Well with the above-mentioned facts, it is important to know how to store Irish cream. Considering the same, always keep in mind that When the bottle is sealed, the Irish cream should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from the sunlight. Putting the sealed bottle of baileys in the fridge is not necessary.

Once the bottle gets opened, you must keep the cap tightly placed and store the bottle in the fridge to keep its initial taste intact.

Sheelin Irish Cream is another liqueur brand with a mix of cream and Irish whiskey contents. The brand is worthy enough and has got both chocolaty and creamy flavors.

Shannon Irish cream white chocolate

The original blend of the dink with the finest white creamy cocoa, a hint of cappuccino, caramel, vanilla extract, and cocoa. Almost like your baileys but still different in flavor.

Best Ways To Store Bailey
Best Ways To Store Bailey

Does Molly Go Bad?

With a guarantee to be fresh for 18 months, Molly’s is just like the Baileys that has a shell life of up to 2 years and should be consumed within six months to experience the best taste.

The difference here is that Molly’s is advised to be kept at the same temperature it had been first purchased at and moving the drink from a cold place to hot or vice versa is not very suitable for it.

And with that ends the discussion on baileys, their shelf life, and storage. For more details on various drinks and food items, stay tuned.


To conclude, we can say that the ultimate enjoyment of bailey can be experienced within 6 months of opening the bottle. Besides, the shelf life of 2 years and hence it must be stored in the fridge to experience the best taste.

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