Does Champagne Go Bad ?

Well, you may not like to hear this, but yes,Champagne is  a luxury drink of choice and a symbol of celebration can go bad,but under some circumstances.

A small pop sound while opening the bottle of champagne in a party never  fails to bring joy and smile in a gathering, But then what if you get to know that you just opened an expired champagne. Sounds pretty embarrassing. So, for now, lets save the day and know more! 

When Does Champagne Go Bad?

Champagne expiry depends on some conditions like,

  • whether the bottle is opened or unopened 
  • if you have stored it in a proper place or not. 
  • If you have sealed it perfectly, then it might stay drinkable for a few days or maybe a week. 
  • But if you forget to seal it properly then it will lose the fizz, will get oxidized, and taste awful. 

If we talk in a detailed manner then, champgne is said to be the sparkling or fizzy wine and this type of wine is highly sensitive to heat, light and air.  Thus if you haven’t stored it safely then it can go bad. 

does champagne go bad

5 Warning Signs That Your Champagne Has Gone Bad

If you are having doubts about whether your bottle of champgne is consumable or not, then here are some signs which will clear your doubts. 

  • As we all know the famous pop sounds which come while opening the bottle of champagne, if that sound is absent when you open your bottle then this is a sign that your champagne has gone bad.
  • A bottle of champagne is extracted from fresh fruit fragrances and flavours which taste amazing. But if your champagne has a sour smell and tastes bad which is obviously a bad sign.
  • One more indicator which tells that your champagne has gone bad is that the cork of the bottle will get dry, moldy, or have holes in it, which can form clumps and cloudy sediments in the bottle and that’s how can tell that your champagne is not consumable anymore.
  • If the colour of your expensive champagne has gone from golden yellow to dark yellow, it is a sign that it has gone wasted.

When Does An Open Bottle Of Champagne Go Bad? 

An opened bottle of champgne can go bad if you keep it open for too long and by too long it means 3 to 4 days maximum if you have stored it safely then maybe it stays fine for five days at most. 

But an opened bottle of champagne is for the occasion and it will be emptied before you start to keep the record of the days. The indication that your champagne has gone bad is that it will lose its fizz and maybe taste like vinegar. But if somehow your bottle still has some of the champagne left in it then here are some

does champagne go bad

Tips To Store An Opened Bottle Champagne:

  • Make sure your bottle is closed tightly with the original cap of the bottle so that the air couldn’t enter inside it and prevent it from oxidation. Although it will not last more than 1 day.
  • Keep it in a horizontal manner and in a chiller or an ice bucket to prevent it from losing the bubbles or fizz.
  • And if your champagne is expensive and you actually want to keep for some days then you can reseal it or use a champagne stopper. 

How Long Does Unopened Champagne Last?

If you’ve found an unopened bottle of champagne and are thinking does a sealed champagne go bad or does unopened champagne go bad then your answer depends on where and how you’ve stored it. If you’ve stored the bottle in a safe place like in a cupboard or a cabinet away from hazards then on average it will stay fine for 5 to 6 years.

It is also divided between Vintage and non-Vintage champgne. If it is a Vintage champagne then it will last for 5 to 10 years but if it is a non-vintage champagne then it will last for 3 to 5 years.  

Tips To Store An Unopened Bottle Of Champagne

  • Store your bottle of champagne away from light, heat, vibrations and wet places so that it will age accordingly and not get wasted and loses its qualities. 
  • Do not store the bottle upright so that the cork will remain moist to prevent any kind to come inside the bottle. 
  • To keep it away from heat, light, and any kind of harm then keep them in a cabinet or in cupboard away from electric appliances. 

Protip To Extend The Life Of Champagne

To use you champgne for a longer period after opening it you should use reusable cork or a champgne sealer or if you want to keep it in cabinet for few days then reseal to make it airtight. 

What Happens If You Drink Old Champagne?

If you have done the mistake of consuming an old champagne then it will not actually make you sick but if you have a sensitive stomach or you can’t handle the alcohol well then there are chances that you may get an upset stomach. So, it is best to finish your champagne the day you opened it. 


Q1. Can you drink champagne as a 20 year old?
Ans. Yes you can drink champagne at 20 years old because the age restriction of alcohol consumption is 18 years old.

Q2. Does Vintage champagne get better with age?
Ans. A vintage champagne is matured 3 to 4 years minimum before coming in the market. It does get better like wine. But a non-vintage champgne is just a blend of base drinks and is less likely to get better with age. 

Q3. Is your champagne vintage or non-vintage?
Ans. It totally depends on the making process of Champgne.Vintage champagnes are made of quality grapes which are harvested in a single year of harvest. Therefore, a non-Vintage champgne is a blend of base wines or flavoured drinks from previous years. 

What Are The Best Age-Worthy Champagnes?
Ans. Some best age worthy champagnes are Moet & Chandon 1921, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin 1928, Done Perignon 2003, Krug 1949, Pol Roger 1921. 

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