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Does Coconut Oil Go Bad

does coconut oil go bad

The short answer to this is yes, Coconut oil can go bad. Even though it has a pretty long shelf life, it can expire if it is not stored properly. Not only does this oil have a variety of health benefits and skincare effects but can also be used for several purposes as a food ingredient.

I use coconut oil in nearly every recipe I cook and cannot even imagine my weekend chocolate truffle without it! However, in certain scenarios, I have noticed a foul odour being emitted from the oil and that’s when I knew the oil was no more suitable for consumption purposes.

Does coconut oil expire? If you also wish to know about the longevity, and expiry of coconuts oil and ways to store it, then the following sections will discuss the relevant issues. Keep reading to find out more! 

5 Warning Signs That Your Coconut Oil Gone Bad

Made from the fruit of the tropical coconut palm tree, coconut oil is a staple food ingredient in many households. In general, there are two types of coconuts oil, copra and virgin coconuts oil. Virgin coconut oil has been extracted from fresh coconuts by wet or dry methods of extraction.

Coconut oil has a higher content of healthy saturated fat than other cooking oils, making it a healthier choice. Refined cooking oil is much more ideal for cooking than virgin coconut oil due to its higher smoking point. (Reference 1)  Can coconut oil go bad? Yes, it can. If you also use coconut oil on a daily basis, then check for the following warning signs before you use it again for tomorrow’s breakfast!

1. Colour

Fresh coconust oil generally consists of a pale and white colour. However, if you notice a yellowish shade in the oil, then you should discard the oil immediately.

2. Chunky

Normally coconuts oil has a very fine and smooth texture. In case you notice any chunky or unknown substances floating on top, then throw the oil right away.

3. Black oil spots

If you notice any recent formation of black spots in your oil container, then that can be a sign of mold developing. Avoid using the oil if you want to prevent any serious health conditions.

4. Bitter scent

Coconut generally contain a natural and fresh scent with a smooth texture. If you start to smell a strong or bitter scent from the oil, then consider it bad.

5. Sour taste

In normal cases, coconut oil has a neutral taste, but when you notice a change in taste to a bitter or sour one, then it is high time you throw the oil away. 

Tips To Store Coconut Oil

Coconuts oil is well known for its long shelf life and variety of health benefits. If you want to gain more of these health benefits, then the key is to increase its shelf life for a longer period. Let us enlighten you with some tips on how to store coconuts oil properly.

1. Airtight container

It is okay to store your coconuts oil in the same container you bought it in. But make sure to reseal the container securely after using it once so that there is a lesser amount of air exposure. 

2. Refrigerator

No, it is not at all necessary to refrigerate coconuts oil however storing it in a cool place like a refrigerator slows down its ageing process and increases its shelf life. Even though refrigerated coconuts oil is hard in texture making it less useful for skincare purposes but it can still be used as an important ingredient for baking.

3. Dark place

Do not expose coconuts oil to direct sunlight as it can decrease its shelf life. Make sure to store it in a dark place like a pantry or cupboard where low light is available. 

What Happens If You Use Expired Coconut Oil?

It is not at all advisable to consume expired coconuts oil. Consumption of expired coconut oil might now show the consequences in the short run but is more likely to cause long-term issues in your body. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Coconut Oil

Now, let us look at some of the mindblowing benefits and facts about coconut oil!


Q1. Does coconuts oil need to be refrigerated?
Ans. It is not necessary to refrigerate coconuts oil. However, storing it in a cool place will increase coconut oil shelf life

Q2. Should I store the gin in the fridge?
Ans. Gin can definitely be stored in the fridge as it provides a cool and dark environment. 

Q3. How long does coconuts oil last? 
Ans. Coconuts oil can last up to several months even more than a year if it is stored properly in a cool, dry and dark place without exposure to direct sunlight. 

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The article aims to provide detailed and accurate information to our readers. Thus, we have also shared the references from which we have sought all the information in order to help the reader gain further detailed insights. 

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