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Does Crisco Go Bad

Does Crisco go bad

If you are into cooking and baking then you must have used Crisco shortening as it can be used instead of butter or margarine. Every time I bake something special I always look for Crisco in my kitchen. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I can use it or if it can go bad or if it is spoiled and many other questions come to mind. After spending a lot of time on the internet, I finally got authentic information about it.

Yes, Crisco can go bad within a year or 6 months after opening. With that being said, generally Crisco shortening can last up to two years when stored in a cool and dark pantry. It’s best to store it in a dry corner of your pantry away from heat sources and direct sunlight. You can also refrigerate it but this isn’t necessary if you are using it within the two-year time frame.

5 Warning Signs That Your Crisco Gone Bad

Now you know that Crisco can go bad after a certain time. If you want to be assured about its expiration and you are confused if it has gone bad or not, then you should check these 5 warning signs that can indicate if Crisco has gone bad or not. 

1. Change in smell

If you notice any change in the odor of your Crisco then it is indicating that oxidation has taken place and now it is not good for consumption. 

2. Change in color

It is the most obvious warning sign that it can show. If you observe any color change then don’t use it.

3. Appearance of mold

If your Crisco is opened and it is not tightly sealed then it can have molds because of moisture and air. If you find even a small amount of mold, throw it away. Using molded food items can cause severe diseases including food poisoning and water loss. 

4. Change in taste

It is another most common warning sign that Crisco shows, if you observe any change in taste then don’t use it. 

5. Change in texture

If your Crisco shows stiffness or toughness then it is indicating that it has gone bad and it is not suitable to use. 

Tips To Store Crisco

Maintaining the quality of your Crisco is important, and should be done by keeping it in a proper place, so it is very important to store Crisco properly so that it can last for a longer period. Now I am sharing some simple yet so effective tips to store Crisco:-  

1. Refrigeration 

It can prolong the shelf life of your Crisco significantly. In humid and hot climates, the fridge is essential for keeping your Crisco in good condition. Cool fridges maintain low temperatures which will help prolong refrigeration. Although it won’t spoil or go bad in the fridge, it will become cold and return to its original texture when removed from the fridge.

2. Kitchen cabinet or pantry

If you do not have a refrigerator, consider storing it in your pantry or kitchen cabinet, as long as it is away from heat sources like ovens or dishwashers. Crisco will stay fresh at room temperature for up to two years. However, if you do have a fridge, it is best to store your Crisco there.

3. An airtight container is a must

If you are storing your Crisco in the pantry then make sure that the bottle is airtight so that the Crisco does not absorb any odors from other items in your pantry. If it absorbs the odor of any other item, then it will lose its flavor and it can also increase the chance of getting spoiled by moisture. 

4. Keep away from heat sources

Crisco should be kept away from heat sources such as sunlight, gas stove, and others as it can reduce its shelf life. ( Reference 2) 

What Happens If You Use Expired Crisco?

So as we know that Crisco is not safe to use after it passes its expiration date on the label. If you use expired Crisco, it can make you sick if there is a presence of bacteria or fungus. If your Crisco has become stiff it should not be used as it may not make you sick but it won’t be effective as it has lost its flavor. Once you have opened the Crisco, you need to store it properly.

If you didn’t store it properly, molds can take place through air and moisture and it can cause several diseases that can lead to water loss and you can be hospitalized. But if you are using unopened Crisco that has gone out of its printed date then you need not worry about it as long as it was stored properly in dry conditions. It won’t make you sick or cause any other serious harm.

Some Interesting Facts About The Crisco

So now, have a look at some more information about Crisco and associated facts. 


Q1. Should you refrigerate Crisco after opening?
Ans. Yes, you can refrigerate Crisco after opening, but remember that it won’t spoil or go bad in the fridge, but it will become cold. It will return to its original texture when removed from the fridge.

Q2. Is it ok to use expired Crisco?
Ans. No, it is not recommended to use an expired Crisco when it is opened. If the bottle is unopened then you may consider using it for a while but not more than six months. 


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