Does Gin Go Bad?

Gin has an indefinite shelf life and doesn’t go bad for years if unopened. Once its bottle is opened, oxidation starts and now its quality depends on the storage and the quantity of the alcohol. 

It is almost impossible to finish a whole bottle of gin in just one go. We usually store that bottle after the party and it remains in our pantry or fridge till when we have the next party to celebrate. Before using that bottle again, we have many questions inside our minds.

Can gin go bad? Or, does gin expire? Or, does gin go bad if opened once? These questions always made me curious about it and after proper research, finally I got to know authentic information related to It. 

Gin stays the same for years if it is unopened, once the bottle is opened, a clock starts and it begins to expire over time. It is suggested that you should consume its bottle within one year as after that its flavor will inevitably degrade and it will taste unpleasant. ( Reference 2) 

5 Warning Signs That Your Gin Gone Bad

does gin go bad

If you want to be assured about the expiration of gin and you are confused if it has gone bad or not, then you should check these 5 warning signs that can indicate if gin has gone bad or not. 

1. Change In Smell

It is the most obvious indicator to tell if the gin has gone bad or not. If you are confused about the quality of the gin then put out a small quantity of gin and sniff it. If it smells strange then it is better to discard it. 

2. Change In Flavor

If your gin tastes different than it used to taste before then it indicates that it has gone bad and it is time to buy a new one. 

3. Visible Impurities

If there are any unwanted floating particles visible in the gin bottle then you should not use it. It may even make you sick. 

4. Evaporation has started

If you observe any change in the volume of your gin then it is due to evaporation and it happened because you didn’t seal the bottle tightly. So, it is not good to use that gin. 

5. Change is color

If you notice any color change then it indicates that chemical reactions are taking place and it should be discarded. 

Tips To Store Gin

does gin go bad

Storing a gun bottle is very important to maintain its quality and protect it from degradation. To be more precise in detail, I am sharing some important tips to store gin. 

Away from sunlight or any heat source

To maximize the shelf life of gin, store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. For this pantry is a perfect choice or you can go for a beverage cabinet in your living area. 

Seal the bottle tightly

You should seal the bottle tightly after using the gin to prevent the gin from coming in contact with air and moisture. This will prevent the growth of microorganisms. 


If you have a surplus gin and you are a slow drinker then put the remaining content in a refrigerator and try to finish it without much delay. 

Keep it out of reach of children 

You should store gins on the top shelf to keep it out of reach of children as consumption of gin is not recommended for children. 

Store in smaller bottles

If you have a large opened gins bottle, then shift it to smaller bottles because the more the quantity of air in the bottle the faster the oxidation process. Air in contact with gins can cause the nuances to degrade over time, even if it is stored in a cool and dry place.

What Happens If You Use Expired Gin?

If you use expired gin, you may notice a difference in flavor, as the aroma and taste of the gin will be different than when it was first opened. The intensity of the alcoholic strength and lost flavor nuance can be tasted in a freshly opened bottle compared to one that has been open for a long time,

So it is not advisable to drink expired gins, however even if you drink old gins, it may taste unpleasant but it won’t take you to the hospital. But, I would suggest that you should not drink expired gins as there may be a little possibility of molds that can make you sick. If you find out that your gins is expired then you should discard its bottle and get a new one. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Gin

does gin go bad

Now, have a look at some interesting facts about the gin:- 

  • It was first produced in Holland in the 17th century and was made from cheap grain alcohol flavored with flavorings like juniper, berry juice, citrus peel, licorice, and coriander.
  • Dry gins is made using neutral spirits. 
  • It is an excellent preservative because of the presence of high alcohol content. This high alcohol content of gins prevents microorganisms from forming and multiplying, which helps to preserve the taste and aroma of the gins for a longer period.
  • Remember that gins and other expensive wines have higher alcohol content than other alcoholic beverages. So, you should take it as a warning risk. 
  • It has been known to have medicinal benefits, such as reducing lung congestion. In some cases, it is said that drinking gins can help in fighting the cold. (Reference 1)


Q1. Can I drink 2-year-old gins?
Ans. Yes, you can drink a 2-year-old unopened gin. However, if you have opened the bottle then you should finish it in a few months. Even if you store it properly, it is not good to drink 2-year-old opened gin. 

Q2. Should I store the gins in the fridge?
Ans. Yes, you can store the gin in the fridge to prevent it from deteriorating in quality, especially when the bottle is opened.


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