Does Simple Syrup Go Bad

Yes, sugar syrup goes bad. Once opened, sugar syrup lasts for 6 months to one year and if the bottle is not opened then it has a long shelf life. Adding sugar syrups to cocktails and other drinks is always fun. But, usually, it is impossible to use whole sugar syrup in one go and you need to store that remaining sugar to use it at future parties.

Now, you have a lot of queries like, how long does simple syrup last? Or, if you kept it in a refrigerator then how long does simple syrup last in the fridge ? Or, how to store it properly? In this article, I am sharing all the authentic information about the shelf life of sugar syrup, warning signs, proper storage methods, and other associated facts about sugar syrup. 

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5 Warning Signs That Your Simple Syrup Gone bad 

does simple syrup go bad

If you want to be assured about the quality of your syrup and you are confused if it has gone bad or not then you should look for these 5 warning signs that can indicate if your sugar syrup has gone bad or not:-

1. Foul odor

It is the most obvious warning sign that can tell if your syrup has gone bad or not. If your syrup starts smelling bad then you should not use it. 

2. Cloudy appearance 

If you observe that your sugar syrups has turned cloudy and dense then you should not further use it as it has gone bad. 

3. Appearance of molds

Some people have a common tendency to scrape the mold off and then use the remaining syrups, but it is wrong. I suggest that once it goes out of its original chemistry, it should not be used as it might have some invisible fungi spores that can make you sick if you drink the syrups containing them. So, if you observe mold, then you should discard the bottle of sugar syrups. 

4. Visible floating impurities

If you observe any unwanted particles floating in your sugar syrups then it’s time to discard it. 

5. Evaporation 

As you know that sugar syrups has sugar and water and water starts evaporating and which promotes the chances of the growth of microorganisms. (Reference 1)

Tips To Store Simple Syrup 

does simple syrup go bad

Proper storage is necessary to prolong the shelf life of sugar syrups and that’s the only way to prevent the spoilage of syrups. Now, I am sharing a few simple yet effective tips to store your syrups.

1. A glass container is a good choice

As we know that glass is unreactive, it doesn’t react with the water present in the syrups and this preserves the flavor and originality of the simple syrups. 

2. The airtight cap is a must choice

An Airtight cap ensures that the odor of other things and contaminants doesn’t come in contact with syrups. It will make your drink last longer without getting in contact with air and moisture. 

3. Refrigeration

The fridge has a cold environment. This is useful to lower the growth of microbes in the simple syrups and increase its shelf life. 

4. Away from sunlight and other heat sources

Sunlight and other heat sources are enemies and you should keep your syrups away from them. For this, a pantry and kitchen cabinet is a good choice. 

5. Clean the cap regularly

Cap is in contact with air and you may observe that after some time, a few sugar crystals are deposited there. You should clean it regularly to prevent further storage. (Reference 2)

What Happens If You Use Expired Simple Syrup?

When you drink expired simple syrups, meaning your unopened syrups bottle has gone out of the best-by date then you can use it without much concern. This won’t make you sick and there is nothing to panic about, just make sure that it doesn’t show any warning signs.

And, it is safe to use. If your bottle was opened then make sure it was stored properly and then you can use it as it won’t make you sick. If your syrups has the presence of molds or bacteria then you should not consume it as it can make you sick and cause food poisoning. 

Some Interesting Facts About The simple syrup

  • Proper storage, water-to-sugar ratio, and methods of preparation of sugar syrup are important factors to increase the shelf life of sugar syrups. 
  • Simple syrup is a preservative and it is added to various food items to increase their shelf life. 
  • The packaged simple syrup is available in two strengths. These are 1:1 and 2:1. In the 1:1 ratio, sugar and water are the same amounts and in the 2:1 ratio, sugar is doubled as compared to water.
  • Sugar syrup is used in bakery, pickle formation, cocktail making, and also in dessert making. 


Q1. Does simple syrup go bad if not refrigerated?
Ans. No, sugar syrup won’t go bad even if you store it in your pantry or kitchen cabinet with a tight seal and keep it away from heat and sunlight.

Q2. How Long Do Simple Syrups Last ? 
Ans. Simple syrups last for six months to one year if the bottle is unopened. 

Q3. How Long Is Simple Syrup Good For ?
Ans. Sugar syrup is good for its best by date and if homemade then it depends on the storage process and ratio of water and sugar.

Q4. Does Simple Syrup Need To Be Refrigerated ?
Ans. If your syrup is homemade then you should refrigerate it and if it is packaged then refrigeration is not required. 


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