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Does Soda Go Bad?

does soda go bad

The scorching heat in summer can’t go well if II don’t keep Soda handy, and when there are so many flavors to opt for like Pepsi, Coke, and thumbs up and other tangy flavors too. And when you keep so many, there is always a challenge to keep them fresh and frizzy which is when compromised, it makes me wonder if Soda has gone bad or lost its frizz only. 

And when I researched a little, I found out that  Generally, soda does not go bad if unopened but can be affected by time, temperature, and carbonation. It typically has a shelf life of between 3 to 5 months. But if it is opened and not stored well, its quality may deteriorate and you will not be able to enjoy the fizz and flavor in the drink.  

Considering this, we can say that how you store the soda matters a lot. To be more precise in detail, here is a table I created for a quick check:

Type PantryFridge
Soda (unopened)Best-by + 6 – 9 monthsBest-by + 6 – 9 months
Soda (opened) 2 – 4 days

With that being mentioned, it is important to keep an eye on some signs that can help you detect its expiry and freshness!

5 Warning Signs That Your Soda Gone Bad

1. Damaged or leaky bottle or can 

If you see any dent, puffed out, or bulging appearance in the soda bottle then don’t use it and throw it out. If it’s leaking then don’t use it as the drink inside the bottle may have gotten contaminated outside. 

2. Change in taste

It is the most obvious sign of soda gone bad. For example, if you open a two-litre bottle and find that the taste of the soda is not as pleasant as when it was first opened, then the quality has been compromised and you should not use it. 

3. No fizz

If there is no frizziness in your soda then it is indicating that carbonation has almost gone and it has lost its characteristic flavor, so it won’t taste as good as before. 

4. Opened the bottle and passed its best-by date

If your soda has passed its best-by date and you have opened it before then you should not use it.

5. No bubbles found 

If there are no bubbles found in your soda then it indicates that the carbonation level has decreased and now you won’t have the same taste as it has gone out of the flavor. 

Tips To Store Soda

Now, as you know, the quality of soda deteriorates over time, so it becomes very important to store it properly to make it last longer. I am sharing some simple yet so effective tips to store soda properly:- 

1. Keep it away from heat 

First and the most important tip is to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or hot areas such as your car or near a radiator. The heat will cause the soda to lose its carbonation faster. If you have an opened two-liter bottle of soda, drink the content as soon as possible.

2. Refrigerate 

If you have surplus soda and you are a slow drinker then put the remaining content in a refrigerator and try to finish it within one or two days.

3. Pack it tightly 

For smaller bottles, you can make your soda last longer by tightly replacing the cap after each use and shaking it before opening it.

4. Keep it in an upright position 

It is also important to keep your soda in an upright position when not drinking from it so that no air can enter and help release the carbon dioxide stored inside which gives your soda its bubbles.

What Happens If You Use Expired Soda?

If you drink an expired soda, it might not taste as good as when you drank it for the first time. Even when it won’t taste good, it won’t make you sick and the taste becomes nullified. Even if there is a relatively short amount of time between its expiration and when you drink it, you may still notice a difference in taste.

If the bottle has been opened for some time and exposed to air, it may even taste flat or stale. If you are taking unopened expired soda then don’t expect the fizz and effervescence. So, although it won’t make you sick, it is not good for consumption. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Soda

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about soda:-


Q1. Can you drink 2-year-old soda?
Ans. No, you should not drink 2-year-old soda as it is not an ideal thing. Though it won’t cause any harmful effects till then it would have lost its all flavors. 

Q2. How do you know when soda is bad?
Ans. Some visual signs including the lack of fizz and effervescence are the main signs to know that soda is bad. 

Q3. Can soda go bad and make you sick?
Ans. You can drink soda even if it passes its expiration date. Though its quality may have deteriorated over time, it won’t make you sick.  


Our mission is to provide accurate and researched insights to our readers. Thus, we wish to share the references of the studies conducted on the subject matter for detailed read for our readers to refer:

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