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Does Vegan Butter Go Bad?

Does Vegan Butter Go Bad?

Yes, Vegan butter expires. If you keep homemade vegan butter refrigerated, it will remain in usable condition for around 10 to 12 days. whereas, A perfectly packed vegan butter can easily last for 1 to 2 months when kept in the refrigerator. But, you can even use it a few days past expiry if you have stored it properly.

Moreover, Since it is made from plant oils, it is also known as plant-based butter. Considering this, research suggests that expiration mostly depends on how you store it and whether it is homemade. Moreover, it contains fat which oxidizes to spoil its taste. Therefore, you must keep it refrigerated if it is a homemade or packaged product.

Having said that, it is now pretty clear why vegan butter expires, and if you want to keep vegan butter at home, you need to learn how to store and make the most of this versatile ingredient. So, let’s know more about its storage methods.

How To Store Vegan Butter Properly?

A good thing about vegan butter is that it is shelf-stable. That means you will use it for many months without worrying about spoilage. But, you must ensure it is kept in the fridge or freezer. Furthermore, keeping in mind the benefits of vegan benefit, I understand your curiosity to know the best ways to store vegan butter. So, lets me tell you that there are six best ways to store vegan butter at home. let’s understand them one by one

6 Different Ways To Store Vegan Butter Properly

The main thing to focus on while storing vegan butter is to prevent its melting. You can use any earlier methods to store vegan butter in your home. Freezing is a simple and easy option for people who want to use it for longer.

How Long Does Plant-Based Butter Last?

The good thing about this butter is that it can easily last up to two weeks if you keep it in the refrigerator. But, most people like vegan butter very much, but they don’t know what they should do with leftovers.

Hence, it is important to consider that after opening the package and refrigerating it, you can store your plant-based butter in the fridge. You can also deep freeze them if you do not consume them quickly enough.

And then, try to use this vegan butter within a few days, as it loses its taste daily.

How To Tell If Vegan Butter is Bad?

Since, vegan butter is plant-based butter, its spoilage signs are pretty easy to detect. In fact, it is has expired, and the look and feel of the butter will clearly help you understand its spoilage. For instance:

  1. Texture Sign: Once vegan butter expires, the fat molecule tends to clump together which directly affects the grainy texture of the butter and so, it is advised to simply throw it off.
  2. Darker color: Vegan butter in yellow in color,but if it has gone bad, it will turn darker in some areas and you will inconsistency in color.
  3. Sour Smell: The sour smell is the immediate indicator of vegan butter expiration. It will be so unpleasant that you yourself will not think twice to consume it
  4. Visible Separation of Oil and Milk: As mentioned above the look and feel will change if the vegan butter expires. So here comes the visible signs. This time, you will notice oil floating on the surface while the curled milk will form clumps in the bottle.

Should Plant Butter Be Refrigerated?

Yes, It is preferable to refrigerate plant butter. But Many people do not refrigerate their plant butter at home, as they think it doesn’t matter if they do so or not. If you leave the plant-based butter at room temperature, the taste and quality of this product will change.

However, refrigerating vegan butter would make it last longer. And still, if you are left with some decent vegan butter, you should place it in a deep freezer to avoid melting or getting rancid. Also, remember that cold temperatures slow the rate food loses moisture from its surface.

Is Earth Balance Healthier Than Butter?

Earth Balance is a famous brand that is used by many people all over the world. The primary reason why Earth balance vegan butter is so popular among people is that it tastes like dairy butter and even has a similar texture to butter.

In addition, Earth balance butter has no trans fat in it. However, to determine whether this plant-based butter is healthy, you need to consider important things like how it is made and what ingredients are used in its manufacturing process.


Q1. How long is vegan butter good for?
Ans. As long as vegan butter stays in the refrigerator or freezer, it will remain fresh for 10 to 15 days.

Q2. Can you eat expired plant butter?
Ans. Due to the presence of fat, plant butter gets rancid after some time. So while eating expired plant butter has no impact on our bodies, it will undoubtedly have a bad taste and smell.

Q3. How long can you keep vegan butter in the fridge?
Ans. If you have bought a packet of vegan butter from a grocery store, you can store it in the fridge until its expiry date.

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