How Long To Cook Beef Tenderloin Per Pound?

The cooking time of your beef tenderloin depends on the type of cooking you want. Beef tenderloin is best enjoyed as rarely cooked or medium-rare cooked.

Having mentioned that, Rarely cooked beef tenderloin is cooked for a shorter time between 20 to 25 mins, whereas, medium-rare cooked beef tenderloin takes a little longer which is 30 to 35 mins.

And now you can simply multiply these times by the number by which you increase the pound of tenderloin.  This means, 6 pounds will take between 120 mins to 150 mins for the rare one and likewise for the medium-rare one. After all, good things take time!



Well, now it might happen that you are thrown off guard by the labeling on the beef tenderloin.  You might start panicking if you see that on the label it is written 1Lb beef tenderloin instead of the word pound. Well, you can stop panicking now as it is really nothing.

1Lb is simply the metric unit of a pound. The symbol is mostly used in England to avoid confusion with a currency which is also the pound. All in all, the time remains the same as for one pound of beef tenderloin.

A while ago, we told you how to make medium-rare tenderloins in the oven. Let’s now see how the rare one is done. Moving on, let’s look at the cooking time if you grill the beef tenderloins.

How Long To Cook Beef Tenderloin On Grill?

When grilling beef tenderloin, it is best to do so at a low temperature. The low temperature will allow the beef tenderloin to cook properly and release its juices just the right way. You should cook the beef tenderloin for 15 to 20 mins. That is for one pound. Again, you simply multiply the time when increasing a pound by the number of pounds increased. For medium-rare, just add 5 more mins to the time. Coming up is the time taken to cook it in an oven.

How Long To Cook Beef Tenderloin Per Pound At 425?

Cooking anything in the oven is indeed a convenient way. But there are some important details in regard to the temperature that should be kept in mind. So, let’s explore! In an oven that is preheated at 425 degrees, here is the quick answer you need!

You need to cook beef tenderloins in-tray. For one pound cook for 30 to 35 mins. Add 5 mins to the time for each pound extra on the beef tenderloin.

For example, 2 pounds will take 35 to 40 mins, 3 pounds 40 to 45 mins and likewise for each pound increased. This technique will produce medium-rare tenderloins. Too much to take care of, right? With that, here is one more way!

How Long To Bake Beef Tenderloin At 450?

Baking sounds healthy, right? With that, do you know, it will save time too! So, let’s check out the perfect way.

Baking at 450 degrees will produce perfect rare cooked beef tenderloins due to more heat and less cooking time. The cooking time for one pound is 25 mins exact. For larger quantities, insert a meat thermometer in the beef tenderloin and bake it till the temperature reaches 125 degrees for rare cooked.

So, ready to beef? Wait, do you have more meals to prepare alongside?  Do you prefer, pork as well? If yes, let’s get on to some similar insights related to pork cooking

How To Cook Pork Tenderloin In Oven Without Searing?

To avoid searing for cooking Pork Tenderloin in Oven, we recommend that you slow roast the pork tenderloin in the oven for a long time in low heat.  Keep checking the tenderloin by poking a knife in it. When the knife comes out clean, your pork tenderloin is ready to eat. Serve it after 15 mins of resting time. There is no threat of your beef tenderloin getting seared as the beef tenderloin is quite thick and has a layer of fat on the top as natural protection.

Furthermore, Just like beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin is also very delicious to eat. But nidamental difference though is that pork tenderloin is thinner and less in natural taste. For the perfect taste, you might want to season it with seasoning. Now chances are there that your seasoning might get ruined by searing while cooking in the oven. And so, searing is the forming of a crisp crust over the surface of the pork tenderloin which can destroy your seasoning and the taste will be ruined. So do it carefully! Next up we will see,

How Long To Bake Steak At 375?

While pork and beef tenderloin is more like lunch or dinner items, most people enjoy a good baked steak for breakfast. Steak roast is known as the most popular steak breakfast. For a proper steak roast:

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Put the steak in a baking tray.
  3. Bake the steak for 15 to 20 mins.
  4. Check after this time with a knife.
  5. If not ready, bake for another 5 mins till the knife you poke comes out clean.

Steak does not need anything else to go with it for breakfast. If you are having it for lunch or dinner some mashed potatoes and green peas are a good add-on. You can shove it all down your throat with a glass of red wine. Sounds romantic right? Well then make the arrangements and surprise your partner with a classy lunch or candlelight dinner consisting of all the items we just mentioned. Moving onto the next section,   

How Much Beef Tenderloin Per Person?

No matter how much you like beef tenderloin and its smaller part called the filet mignon, the lower part of the beef tenderloin to be exact, overeating is never good. So, here are the recommended quantities you should serve per person.

  • For a healthy person with a good appetite, half a pound of beef tenderloin is ideal for a one-time serving.
  • For children, half of this amount is recommended which is a quarter pound.
  • You can now then easily buy the required amount of beef tenderloin without having to worry about how much each person will eat.

Moving on, let’s see. 

How Much Filet Mignon Per Person?

Even though filet mignon is smaller in size, but it has more calories and fat than beef tenderloin. For adults, it is recommended to eat only 3 ounces for a single serving and 1.5 ounces for children. It is cooked in a similar way, just like beef tenderloin. We strongly recommend sticking to these amounts for both the tenderloin and filet as large amounts can upset your stomach and in the long run, you can have obesity and/or heart-related problems. Now it is time for some quick,  


Q1. How Long Do You Cook Beef Tenderloin At 400 Degrees?
Ans. At 400 degrees, we recommend cooking it for 30 mins for rare cook and 35 mins for medium-rare cook.

How Long Do You Cook Beef for Per Pound?
Ans. Beef tenderloin cooking time per pound depends on the cook you want. The times for the same are given above. Rarely cooked beef tenderloin is cooked for a very short time between 20 to 25 mins and medium-rare cooked beef tenderloin is a little longer which is 30 to 35 mins.

What Is the Best Temperature to Cook A Beef Tenderloin?
Ans. Different cooking styles need different times but if you want the perfectly cooked beef tenderloin which is fully cooked then cook it in an oven at a temperature of only 135 to 140 degrees for a long time. Let’s wrap up everything now.