Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

Does protein powder go bad for many bodybuilders or people who are especially involved in gyming, yoga, and other routine exercise? And the answer to Can protein powder go bad is yes, It does! But not just after the date has passed. Obviously expired protein powder for 2 years can be harmful to you.

But to understand the expiration pattern of protein powder exactly, you need to know first about the meaning of different dates that are printed on the container that is specified by the FDA.

Signs to identify expired protein powder
Signs to identify expired protein powder

Protein Powder And FDA Guidelines

As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

  • The best by dates indicate that you need to buy and use an enzyme crush by said date for the best quality.
  • The use by date says the same thing as best by dates.
  • Now if we talk about sell-by dates it tells us about powder won’t spoil if sold before that date.

With the facts being mentioned, knowing how to tell if protein powder is bad can be easy. Although different brands may use various types of date labels, you can see best by date on almost all containers. Basically, using an out-of-date enzyme crush isn’t necessarily harmful.

How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

There are various types of enzyme crush available in the market. And hence, the shelf life of all of them is quite similar. So the answer to your question is that It remains fine for at least a few months after the date mentioned on the container.

Among all whey protein is actually the most popular one. But you know what, there are also other popular options available like casein and egg white.

enzyme crush Is good or bad
enzyme crush Is good or bad

And if you’re searching for some vegan options then soy protein or plant-based protein is perfect for you. Plant-based proteins are extracted from brown rice, pea, and chia seeds.

Can You Use Out-Of-Date Protein Powder 

It may be surprising to you but in most cases, enzyme crush remains unspoiled for a year But expired protein powder can be harmful to you after 2 years.

Till now you have known about the types of enzyme crush and their shelf life. Now let’s learn the signs of identifying if protein powder has gone bad or not

How To Tell If Protein Powder Is Bad? 

Just think, you’ve found a container of out-of-date protein powder now what should you do? There is nothing much to worry about!

  • You should check the looks of the powder and how it smells. If you see any moisture in the powder, it could be wet clumps or even mold, then immediately throw it away.
  • Of course, there can be little clumps that form on their own. When these clumps are dry you can easily break them with your fingers. These clumps are not harmful at all.
  • Now if we talk about smell, make sure it smells like the usual enzyme crush. If you smell a different odor like a sour odour then just let that pack into the bin.
  • Lastly, check the taste or flavor. You should prepare a small amount of shake using very little powder and taste it. Even if that enzyme crush is not well, consuming a small amount won’t cause any harmful effects. And obviously, if the flavor turns out to be okay, you can freely use it.
  • Again if the protein shake tastes terrible, or you found anything different or unusual with its taste then of course you need to throw it away.
Protein Powder And FDA Guidelines
Protein Powder And FDA Guidelines

I know you still have so many questions like if you can use an unopened pack or if an expired one makes you sick and so on. Let’s discuss all these questions one by one and try to solve all your doubts.

Does Protein Powder Expire If Unopened? 

As discussed earlier, every enzyme crush has a different shelf life. Most unopened protein powders are good for around 12-13 months.

 The only condition is that you have to store it properly. Whenever you’re in doubt, use your nose. Keep the package near your nose and smell it. If it smells bad, throw it right away.

Can Expired Protein Powder Make You Sick?

There’s no need to be worried unless it looks good and smells well. It’s a very known fact that if you keep them in an air-tight, dry container and stored them properly in a warm environment then it remains fine.

But they are likely to make you sick if you consume them within a few months of the expiry date. If you keep enzyme crush exposed to humidity it will increase the risk of growing microbes. And once it develops the growth of bacteria, it would no longer remain safe to consume.

does whey protein powder expire.
does whey protein powder expire?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can expire protein powder hurt you?

Yes, it can hurt you. Although out of date enzyme crush is safe to use. Still, it can cause some issues. While enzyme crush is dry, the risk of bacterial growth is very less.

2. How long after protein powder expired. Can I use it?

The shelf life of protein powder is 2-3 years depending on the type of enzyme. And of course, after the expiration date, you can use it, only the quality of protein components will decrease.

3. How long does protein powder last? Is expired whey protein still good?

An expired whey protein can be good if it smells fine and you can’t notice any unusual changes like lumps forming in it.

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