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Can You Freeze Pumpkin Pie? It’s The Right Way To Do It

Can You Freeze Pumpkin Pie

Worried about extra pumpkin pie and looking for ways to store it? Freezing is the best way out there. The fat fill creamy layer of the pie crust stays fresh for a long time after freezing. The most important thing while keeping a frozen pie fresh is how you store it.

We will tell you everything in this blog you need to follow while freezing your pie without changing the taste and texture of your preparation.So, brace yourself to find ways to freeze your pie after a great Thanksgiving dinner and store it without altering its flavor. You can freeze pumpkin pie, both unbaked and baked, for future use. 

Best Way You Can Freeze Your Pumpkin Pie

Let’s divide the ways to freeze your pumpkin pie into two parts. If you have planned to freeze your pie beforehand, then it’s better to take some of the unbaked portions, pack it up in multiple layers of wrap, preferably plastic, and top it up with aluminum foil. The container in which you decide to freeze your pie must have a flat surface.

We would recommend you spread a baking sheet on the container and then keep your wrapped pie. Now you can take it out from the freezer and bake it directly whenever you feel like. Allow some time for the frozen pie to cook at about 175 degrees to get the taste you really want.

It’s better to use a disposable metal plate or stoneware to bake your pie directly from the freezer. A frozen glass plate may break when you insert it into the oven straight from the freezer. In the next sections, we will tell you how can you freeze your pumpkin pie while it’s already been baked

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What Is The Maximum Amount Of Time Pumpkin Pie Can Be Frozen?

You can have your pie frozen for about fourteen days, that’s two weeks at least, without any stress about losing the original deliciousness. The longer you freeze the pumpkin pie, the more brittle its texture will become.

So it’s better not to freeze your pie for more than two weeks. But if you have no problem altering the texture, the shelf life of your frozen pumpkin can go up to six to nine months.

Can You Freeze A Pumpkin Pie That’s Already Baked?

Yes, I guess the best part about freezing a pumpkin pie is the fact that you can even store an already-cooked pie for the future. But cool down the baked pie and keep it at room temperature for a few hours before you freeze it.

Otherwise, the texture of your pumpkin pie will be completely destroyed. The crust will get soggy with ice chips. After the pie is cooled, pack it up and put it into the freezer just like you do with an uncooked pie.

In the case of baked pie, also try using a disposable aluminum plate instead of glassware to freeze your pie. It will help your pie to freeze quickly and won’t form any crystals of ice inside the pie, so the taste of your pumpkin pie will remain unaltered.

Tips To Thaw Your Frozen Pumpkin Pie

Thawing your frozen pumpkin pie is a little tricky as you have to get it back to normal temperature without losing out on its texture and flavor. So, we need to take the process slowly. Put your pie inside the fridge from the freezer at least 12 hours before. Don’t bring it out to room temperature from the freezer directly, or the pie will start tasting like a wet cloth, something you will definitely not want.

It will take time to defrost, so plan well ahead when you want to have and serve your pumpkin pie. If you want, you can serve cold pie directly from the refrigerator once it’s thawed. A cool dessert brings in a different flavor, and believe me, it will be delicious.

You can also keep your defrosted pie at room temperature for about two hours (it should not be more than that) and then serve it. To hide the marks of plastic wrap on your pie, you can use whipped cream or simply sprinkle some cinnamon sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you Freeze Cooked Pumpkin Pie Filling?
Ans. Of course, you can! If you have a lot of extra pie filling left, zip it up in an airtight bag and beat it around the bag to make it a flat surface. Then put the bag inside the freezer and that’s it! Your cooked pumpkin pie filling will stay as it is.

Q2. How Far In Advance Can You Make Pumpkin Pie?
Ans. You can make your pumpkin pie two days in advance and can have it without any need of freezing. Just keep it in the refrigerator and have it after two days. But, if you are planning to freeze your pie, then you can cook the pie as early as two weeks.

Q3. Can Pumpkin Pie Last 5 Days?
Ans. Inside the refrigerator, your pie can last a maximum of 2 to 4 days. If you want to increase its longevity, you will have to freeze it and then maybe go through a pumpkin pie reheat session to eat it again. Freezing a pie will keep it fresh for about fourteen days.

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