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Does Malibu Rum Go Bad

does malibu rum go bad

No, the Malibu rum has an indefinite shelf life and doesn’t go bad for years if unopened. Once its bottle is opened, oxidation starts and now its quality depends on the storage and handling of the liquor.

It is almost impossible to finish a whole bottle of Malibu rum in just one go. We usually store that bottle after the party and it remains in our pantry or fridge till when we have the next party to celebrate. Before using that bottle again, we have many questions inside our minds. Does malibu rum expire? Or, Does malibu expire? Or, if it does then, how long does malibu rum last? Or, can rum go bad? 

These questions always made me curious about it and after proper research, finally I got to know authentic information related to Malibu rum. In this article, I am sharing some details about the expiration of Malibu rum along with other related information.

5 Warning Signs That Your malibu rum go bad

If you want to be assured about the expiration of Malibu rum and you are confused if it has gone bad or not, then you should check these 5 warning signs that can indicate if your Malibu rum has gone bad or not. 

1. Change in smell

It is the most obvious indicator to tell if the Malibu rum has gone bad or not. If you are confused about the quality of the Malibu rum then put out a small quantity of Malibu rum and sniff it. If it smells strange then it is better to discard it. 

2. Change in taste

It is advisable to taste a few drops of Malibu rum after you open its bottle for a long time. If you observe that the taste has changed as now it doesn’t taste like the way it used to taste when it was opened and it has lost its kick and flavor then it is time to discard the bottle.

3. Visible impurities

If there are any visible floating particles in your Malibu rum then you should not use it. Some people tend to put out unwanted floating particles and then use that rum, but it is not good and should be discarded. 

4. Partial evaporation 

If you observe any change in the volume of your Malibu rum then it is due to evaporation and it happened because you didn’t seal the bottle tightly. So, it is not good to use that rum. 

5. Change in appearance

If you notice that your Malibu rum is not looking the same and it has turned cloudy then it indicates that it has gone bad and you should discard it. ( Reference 1)  

Tips To Store malibu rum

Now you know that malibu rum has an indefinite shelf life and it won’t go bad for years if it is stored properly. So, it becomes very important to store malibu rum to increase its shelf life and now I am sharing some tips to store malibu rum:-

1. Seal it tightly

When you tightly seal the lid of a Malibu rum bottle, it ensures that the evaporation of liquid doesn’t occur and it lasts for a longer time. 

2. Smaller containers are useful

If you have a large opened Malibu rum bottle, then shift it to smaller bottles because the more the quantity of air in the bottle the faster the oxidation process. Air in contact with Malibu rum can cause the nuances to degrade over time, even if it is stored in a cool and dry place.

3. Keep it away from heat sources and sunlight 

To maximize the shelf life of Malibu rum, store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. For this pantry is a perfect choice or you can go for a beverage cabinet in your living area. 

4. Refrigerate

If you enjoy drinking chilled Malibu rum then you should keep it in a refrigerator. Many people have doubts that, does malibu freeze then let me tell you that it won’t get frozen in the refrigerator, rather it would be enjoyable during occasions. 

5. Store it in a dry and dark place

To protect your Malibu rum from evaporation and oxidation, try to store it in a cool and dry place.

What happens if you use Expired Malibu rum? 

The best-by date labeled on the cover of Malibu rum denotes the best period of it. It suggests that you should consume it within this period because the quality of malibu rum remains at its peak. After that time, it starts deteriorating and the flavor will be changed. It won’t taste as good as it used to taste before.

But, if you are worried about your health then you should not worry about it as it is still safe to drink. Drinking expired malibu rum won’t make you sick, it will just taste plain. 

Some Interesting Facts About The malibu rum


Q1. Can I drink 5-year-old rum?
Ans. Yes,  you can drink 5-year-old old rum if it is unopened. If it was opened before then make sure that it was stored properly and doesn’t show any spoilage signs. 


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