Does Cauliflower Go Bad

Cauliflower is a fresh organic veggie that does go bad, however, if you store it well and keep it in the fridge, the shelf life can extend from 2-4 days at room temperature to 7 to 10 days in the fridge

How to Tell If Cauliflower Is Bad?

You will see some signs when your cauliflower goes bad. So here are some of the things to look for:

1. Has a soft or slimy texture.

Fresh and raw cauliflower are firm whenever touched. But if they are mushy, slimy, or soft, my friend, this veggie is useless, and it is time to cook another vegetable.

2. Has grey or yellow florets.

If you noticed any discolored areas or small yellow or greyish florets, then you can trim those parts. Is the whole thing yellow? Then it’s done for!

3. Clouded Mold or large black and brown areas

A fresh cauliflower never has any signs of dark spots or molds on them. If it does, then it’s not fresh! Like with discolored florets, if some parts of cauliflower have black or brown spots, you can trim and remove them and use the other part.

But if the head area of the entire veggie is covered with clouded molds, then do not cook. It won’t make you sick, but won’t taste good.

4. It has an off smell.

Does your cauliflower smell awful? Well, it is another sign your veggie is no longer fresh! Fresh ones have a neutral smell to them, and if the head is stinking, stale, or off, it’s best to discard the entire veggie. Because it’s no good, hun!

How Long Does Cauliflower Last?

does cauliflower go bad

Cauliflower indeed has unlimited health benefits, but how long it can last is one of the great concerns for many people. And it is a difficult task – we mean – really difficult task to calculate the expiration date of cauliflower. In certain cases, fresh ones might last from one to three weeks.

But on the other hand, if it is cooked, the period will be way shorter – let’s say 10 days! Let’s have a proper look at how long cauliflower can last at room temperature and its shelf life in the table mentioned below:

Cauliflower State at Room Temperature or PantryLifetime
Raw Whole Cauliflower2 to 5 days
Cooked Cauliflower3-5 Days
Cut CauliflowerMax 1 hour

When Is Cauliflower Bad?

The vegetable has gone bad when the curds have turned into a mushy texture. So if you notice this sign, it is time to throw it out and buy a fresh one from the market. Furthermore, sometimes cauliflower does show some black spots and makes people wonder if that needs to be thrown out. So, lets me know this!

Is Cauliflower With Black Spots Bad

Well, this juicy veggie belongs to the Brassicaceae family, and the chances of it lasting for a few days can vary. And if you spot black spots on cauliflower, then don’t panic, it’s still good. Wanna Keep Cauliflower Fresh Longer? Then read on!

How To Purchase Cauliflower?

When you are purchasing cauliflower from the grocery store, keep the following points in your mind:

  • Always search for a creamy white colored cauliflower with florets densely packed.
  • Sniff the cauliflower. If it has a neutral fragrance, then it is perfect and will have a good taste.
  • Check out the leaves to determine the freshness of the cauliflower.
  • Do not buy the cauliflower whose heads are brown spots, blemishes, or soft.
  • Do not buy cauliflower that has different colors because they are not natural except purple, green, and orange cauliflower.
  • It should be heavy to hold

How To Keep Cauliflower fresh?

Does Cauliflower go bad
  • Raw and fresh cauliflowers are firm, but they can get bruised easily if you do not handle them with care.
  • Avoid putting other heavy-weight objects when you are taking them home. So always keep it at the top of your bag.
  • While transportation, do not let it get crushed by other products.
  • Once you reach home, put them in their respective place or use them right away.

How To Store Cauliflower Properly

  • After bringing the cauliflower home, unwrap it from the cellophane because it absorbs moisture.
  • Then store the cauliflower in a container or a plastic bag if you intend to use it the same day. By doing so, the veggie will stay fresh for a few hours.
  • You can also cut it and store it in a container if you are going to cook it within a few hours.

How Long Does Cauliflower Last In The Fridge?

Does Cauliflower go bad

The fresh cauliflower can last for five to seven days. However, this will depend on certain things like how you store it, how fresh they were when you bought them, whether it is precut (remains fresh for 4 days only), and many other factors.

But before storing it in the fridge, you will need to prep it so that it stays fresh for a prolonged time. You can also seal it in a plastic container, or a strong plastic or freezer bag and let it freeze for five to eight months.

If you are planning to follow this method, then make sure it is blanched and stored properly. Doing so will not only preserve its color, but also its flavor, and texture without leaking or breaking. Ensure that the lids on airtight are secured tightly. Also, make sure to put the head of the vegetable facing down.


Q1. Is it okay to eat cauliflower with brown spots?

Ans. Many people have reported cauliflower brown spots issues online. Well, the scattering of pale brown spots occurs due to oxidation and isn’t abnormal at all. Furthermore, it is not giving you a hint to ditch it in the dustbin. The main villain for this oxidation is how naturally longer it is stored.

In simple terms, it happens when cauliflower is exposed to air and light for a longer time. It is similar to when ground meat starts to gray, and a sliced apple turns brown when exposed to air. Despite all this, you can still cook this vegetable without worrying about your health.

Q2. How to tell if cauliflower rice is bad?

Ans. Cauliflower rice can last up to one to two hours at room temperature. If you want to preserve it for a longer period, then never keep it longer than that. If you do not, then it will turn bad quickly because of the contamination of bacteria. And once it has gone bad, it will smell rotten, turn mushy, rubbery, and soft.

Q3. Should cauliflower smell?

Ans. By just the smell of any vegetable, you can make out that it has gone bad, so the same goes for cauliflower. Aside from this, if you are purchasing cauliflower, which is already riced, diced, or cut, then it is more likely to smell and go bad. It will happen if you don’t take care of the vegetables. And if the smell is overwhelming, then we suggest you throw it in the bin.

Q4. Why does raw cauliflower smell bad?

Ans. First of all, we want to clear your doubts! Raw and fresh cauliflower does not have any bad smell. The smell we all consider as a bad odor comes from sulfur compounds, which are naturally present in the vegetable. So that is why it smells unpleasant, and the smell becomes stronger when cooked. Those who always try to eliminate the smell cannot fully remove it but can minimize it.

Q5. Can be eating bad cauliflower make you sick?

Ans. Those who are wondering whether consuming cauliflower will make you sick or not, we have good news for you all! Our answer to your question is no, it won’t make you sick, and you can still cook it. We know that the discoloration doesn’t look appealing and makes you think that something is wrong with this vegetable. But we assure you that it is harmless as long as it doesn’t have a mushy texture and has not completely turned dark.

Our Final Thoughts About Cauliflower Going Bad

We hope that now you understand how long is cauliflower good for and learned how to use it to the fullest extent. As a matter of fact, it can’t be preserved for a long time unless people use chemical intervention or put it in the freezer. Moreover, it is important to be aware of when and where to store it to increase its shelf life. So make the best use of your fresh cauliflower and benefit from it even after a few months. Our remedy will not only save your money but also reduce the wastage of food. Keep coming back to our website for more news.