Does Gin Go Bad?

does gin go bad

Gin has an indefinite shelf life and doesn’t go bad for years if unopened. Once its bottle is opened, oxidation starts and now its quality depends on the storage and the quantity of the alcohol.  It is almost impossible to finish a whole bottle of gin in just one go. We usually store that bottle … Read more

Can RumChata Go Bad

Can RumChata Go Bad

Yes, RamChata can go bad after 12 months if it is opened, but if you preserve it for the longest time as unopened, it will endure for several years at room temperature. Consideirng which is known as a shelf-stable liqueur. Having mentioned that, it is important to know RumChata is a cream liqueur made with … Read more

Does Tequila Go Bad?

Does Tequila Go Bad?

It’s a Lucky No! Tequila doesn’t go bad. Tequila is a distilled alcohol made from blue agaves long as it is stored properly and is not exposed to extreme temperatures, it should not go bad. However, it’s worth noting that over time, the taste and aroma of tequilas can change, and it may not be … Read more

Does Whiskey Go Bad ?

does whiskey go bad

‘I followed my heart and It led me to Whiskey’. Does it happen to you? Well, I think,  brands like Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Canadian Club Whiskey,  Buchanan’s Scotch Whiskey simply steal the show and so most of them always keeps my mini bar tasteful and  gorgeous. But, I used to wonder … Read more

Does Champagne Go Bad ?

does champagne go bad

Well, you may not like to hear this, but yes,Champagne is  a luxury drink of choice and a symbol of celebration can go bad,but under some circumstances. A small pop sound while opening the bottle of champagne in a party never  fails to bring joy and smile in a gathering, But then what if you … Read more

Does Vodka Go Bad ?

does vodka go bad

Vodka, a spirit, gives a sense of freedom to your spirit. Call it Smirnoff and Absolut Just Hand me the Vodka and watch me get fabulous!  Well, if you can relate to that,I am certain you are one more Vodka fan  who just can’t see its wastage and wonder if you can save it for … Read more

Does Rum Go Bad?

does rum expire

Are you worried about seeing that old rum bottle sitting on your countertops for ages if it has gone bad and is not safe to give to your guests? Well, Rum’s is just like other distiller spirits out there which doesn’t go bad with time but on the basis of storing it. There are a … Read more

Cocktail Stories: What Is A Gibson Drink!

What Is A Gibson Drink

Are you one of the fond lovers of gin too? Well, who doesn’t like the delight of juniper berries along with the distilling of grain and malt! For a gin martini lover like you, the Gibson drink is the perfect one to try out this cocktail season! But after all, what is a Gibson drink, … Read more

Best Tropical Drinks: Vodka And Cocktail Fun

Best Tropical Drinks

Are you one of those dreaming of having some tropical vibes this summer? Well, say less! Only way one could think of bringing those tropical vibes in reality is to have some chill breezers! And this Hot summer demands for some tropical drinks on the menu! On a nice vacation, when someone is sitting by … Read more