Does Beer Expire

Honestly, yes, beer does expire. However, stating that beer expires is a bit misleading. Can beer go bad? With time, the taste of the beer changes to something flat but does not become unsafe to drink. Last weekend, when I was all set for my backyard barbeque night, it all got ruined when I drank down the first sip of the bland-tasting beer after a perfect bite of barbeque.

If you are still curious about ‘does beer expire’, then this article will rightfully guide you on details about the expiry of beer and warning signs that your beer might have gone bad.  

5 Warning Signs That Your Beer Gone Bad

does beer expire

Before you start going through the warning signs, you must know that beer is bound to expire as any other food does. Why? Because, no matter how well you try to preserve it, you cannot do anything to prevent the natural growth of bacteria and chemical reactions present in the beer as time passes.

So, even though you cannot stop the beer from expiring, you can surely consider some warning signs to know when does beer expire. Take a look below!

1. Hissing noise

The best part of opening the beer is the hissing sound that it creates when you crack the bottle or can open it. So, the next time you open a beer bottle and you find that noise missing, consider the beer to be expired.

2. Foam

If the beer is fresh, you will notice the white foam slowly making its way to the top and finally spilling over. If you don’t see any foam, consider it bad.

3. Expiry date

Every commercially produced beer has an expiry tag attached to its surface. Check for that before you consume the product.

4. Sediments

Before taking a sip, hold the bottle against the light and check for any sediments that might have settled at the bottom. If you notice the same, avoid the beer.

5. Take a sip

If you don’t notice any abnormality till now in your bottle but you are still not sure, the best way is to take a sip and check if the taste has gone pale. 

When someone asks ‘how long is beer good for’, it is best to say 6-8 months if it is stored well in the refrigerator. Does bottled beer go bad? Bottled beer should be stored well in a cool and dark place to prevent it from going bad.

Can you drink 3 year old beer? It is not at all recommended to drink 3 year old beer as it might lead to serious health issues.Now let us take a look on how you can store beer to slow down its ageing process. 

Tips To Store Beer

does beer expire

The best way to preserve the beer for a long time is to store it in a proper condition. This indicates that you need to keep several factors in mind including the room temperature, sunlight and the storage container. Here are some tips to help you store beer in order to increase beer shelf life

1. Refrigerate

The most important thing to keep your beer fresh is to refrigerate it and protect it from direct sunlight. It is better to opt for a beer fridge that is well known for maintaining the perfect temperature for preserving and serving the beer.

2. Store it in a dark place

Try to keep the beer in a cool and dark place away from the sunlight in order to slow down the ageing process. The ideal temperature to store your beer is around 38 degrees to 55 degrees. Basements are one of the most sought-after places to store beer.

3. Store the beer upright

Always try to store the beer in the upright condition in order to prevent any unnecessary oxidation. This will help in increasing the shelf life of beer.

What Happens If You Use Expired Beer?

As per many sources, it is completely fine to drink expired beer. It won’t cause any harm to your body, except the fact that it might taste extremely bland and ruin your mood when you were yearning for something fresh. Chances are high that you might also dislike the odd smell and lack of freshness. 

However, keep in mind that drinking expired beer is not at all recommended. If you feel your bad has gone bad, it is highly advisable to avoid the beer at that exact moment. 

Factors That Cause Beer To Go Bad

does beer expire

Here are some factors that might be responsible for your beer to go bad. Take a quick look below!

1. Oxidation: 

With the passage of time, the oxygen stored inside every beer bottle, can or keg changes the taste of beer. This is referred to as the process of oxidation. In other words, it is a chemical reaction that takes place when the oxygen molecules interact with the molecules of the beer.

This process of oxidation is actually responsible for the range of flavours that different beers possess. Warmer temperature fastens the oxidation process. Now, this process can also lead to a pale taste of the beer if not stored at a cool temperature. 

2. Light exposure: 

Explore in direct sunlight especially ultraviolet rays can lead to the breaking down of the hop-deprived compounds in your beer bottle and combine with a sulphuric compound. This in turn will result in an odd smell and your beer will taste like soggy cardboard. Also, a few seconds of light can cause enough damage to your beer! So, store it well. Even though cans and brown bottles can fight the UV rays but it is always better to avoid light when storing your beer.

3. Bacteria exposure: 

Even though bacterial infections are highly uncommon, if the bacteria has somehow found a way to get into your beer, it will eat your beer away. 

4. Distance: 

If the beer you are consuming has travelled a long way before it has arrived on your hands, then the chances of experiencing sunlight exposure are high for that beer. It can also lead to a change of taste and smell.

5. Packaging: 

Beers in aluminium cans are likely to remain fresher than bottles as they are better at fighting sun exposure and ultraviolet rays. In the case of bottles, brown ones are the way to go.


Q1. Can you drink expired beer?
Ans. Drinking expired beer won’t cause any harm to your body and it is completely fine to do so. However, drinking expired beer is not at all recommended. 

Q2. Does beer expire in the fridge?
Ans. Beer might expire in the fridge as well if it is not stored in an upright condition. Also, you cannot expect a beer to remain fresh after 6-8 months of storage.

Q3. Does beer expire in a can? 
Ans. Canned beer expiration happens if it has been stored for more than 8 months.

Q4. Does beer have expiration date?
Ans. The average shelf life of a beer is around six to nine months beyond the use-by date.

Q5. Does canned beer go bad?
Ans. Yes, canned beer can also go bad if it has been stored for a long period of time. However, it’s shelf life is longer than other beer bottles due to less exposure to light and air.