Does Brandy Go Bad ?

No, an unopened bottle of brandy can last for years without any changes in its quality and flavor. Once the bottle is opened, it starts losing its flavor and it is good to finish it within 6 to 12 months. 

So, you bought a bottle of brandy for an occasion and when the occasion is over you put it in your liquor cabinet. Now you want to use it for the next occasion and till then you want to store it properly.

Now a lot of queries come to your mind like how long does brandy last ? Or, can brandy expire? Or, can alcohol expire ? Or, does blackberry brandy go bad ? and a lot more. After proper research, I finally got to know authentic information related to brandy.

So, it can be said that with proper storage conditions and a good seal, an unopened bottle of brandy can have an indefinite shelf life but with each passing day after it was opened, it starts deteriorating its strength and flavors due to oxidation and evaporation. In this article, I am sharing some details about the expiration of brandy along with other related information. 

5 Warning Signs That Your  Brandy Go Bad

does brandy go bad

If you want to be assured about the expiration of brandy and you are confused if it has gone bad or not, then you should check these 5 warning signs that can indicate if brandy has gone bad or not. 

1. Discoloration or cloudiness in liquid

If you observe any change in the consistency of the brandy then it is an indicator that chemical reactions have taken place and now it is the time to discard it. 

2. Partial evaporation 

If you observe any change in the volume of your brandy then it is due to evaporation and it happened because you didn’t seal the bottle tightly. So, it is not good to use that brandy.

3. Change in color

If you observe any color change in your brandy then it is due to the chemical reactions and it is not recommendable to use it. 

4. Change in taste

It is advisable to taste a few drops of brandy after you open its bottle for a long time. If you observe that the taste has changed as now it doesn’t taste like the way it used to taste when it was opened and it has lost its kick and flavor then it is time to discard the bottle. 

5. Weakened strength 

If the aroma of brandy is not as strong as it used to be at the time of opening the bottle then it indicates that it is due to oxidation and it is not good to use. (Reference 1) 

Tips To Store Brandy

does brandy go bad

An unopened brandy bottle can protect itself from bacteria and other pathogens. It also preserves its original taste. But once the bottle is opened it starts losing its effectiveness. So, it becomes very important to store it properly to protect it from spoilage. I am sharing some important tips to store brandy:- 

1. Keep it away from heat and sunlight

To maximize the shelf life of brandy, store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. For this pantry is a perfect choice or you can go for a beverage cabinet in your living area. 

2. A cool and dry place is a perfect choice

To protect your brandy from evaporation and oxidation, try to store it in a cool and dry place. 

3. Keep it out of reach of children and pets

Try to store it on the top shelf to keep it out of reach of children and pets as it is not good for them. 

4. Seal the lid tightly

When you tightly seal the lid of a brandy bottle, it ensures that the evaporation of liquid doesn’t occur and it lasts for a longer time. 

5. Refrigerate 

This reduces the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with the alcohol and reduces its oxidation process. If you keep your bottle in the fridge for a long time, take a sip of it before drinking it to make sure nothing has gone wrong.

What Happens If You Use Expired Brandy?

does brandy go bad

When you use expired brandy, you may notice that the taste and flavor of your brandy have changed. It means it doesn’t taste the way it used to taste before.¬†This is because the alcohol inside has started to break down, and the flavor mixes with the aroma of the liquid. The process of breaking down will also affect the quality of your brandy.

Now, when you drink expired brandy, it has lost its flavor and potency and it is not recommended to use it. Although expired brandy has lost its flavor, it won’t make you sick. It will just taste plain. However if your brandy was stored improperly for a long time, it may grow bacteria and other pathogens that can make you sick and it can even cause severe health issues. So it is not advisable to use it. 

Some Interesting Facts About The  brandy 

  • Commercial distillation of brandy from wine was started in the 16th century. 
  • The alcohol content of brandy is high enough to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. This is useful for the preservation of flavors of brandy.
  • Some people use expired brandy to make some recipes in which it is cooked or mixed with other ingredients. This helps to protect its flavors. 
  • You can try an infusion technique to help improve the flavor of the brandy, but this may not be enough for special events. ( Reference 2) 


Q1. Can old brandy make you sick?
Ans. No, it won’t make you sick, it will just taste plain. But if it was improperly stored for a longer period and bacteria and molds have attacked, then it can make you sick. 

Q2. Does brandy go off if opened?
Ans. Yes, gradually the effectiveness of flavors starts vanishing once the bottle is opened. If you don’t store the brandy bottle correctly, it will happen faster.  


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