Dominos Brooklyn Style: Everything You Should Know

Brooklyn-style pizza has been the heritage of Brooklyn, New York. This traditional pizza preparation is becoming popular among pizza lovers in the current times. You may ask what is so special about this Brooklyn-style pizza. Well, we are here to answer that.

Reputed Pizza selling brands like Domino’s always take care of the authenticity of their recipe. A Domino’s Brooklyn-style Pizza is prepared traditionally. It has a thin crust cooked in the coal or oven of a wood fire. The dough cooked in this way gives a unique charred taste to the crust. Another crucial part of the Brooklyn-style pizza is its tangy tomato sauce.

A Domino’s Brooklyn-style Pizza is filled with the richness of the thicker tomato sauce adding to its flavor. This blog will tell you everything about the Domino Brooklyn Style Pizza. You will learn how it’s made, what sets the Brooklyn-style pizza apart from other pizzas, how much it costs, and its nutritional value.

The Art Of Preparing Domino’s Iconic Brooklyn-Style Pizza Crust

Domino’s employees ensure that the dough is properly hand-stretched to create a thin crust with a consistent texture. As per Domino’s website, their Brooklyn-style pizza crust has some allergens like soy, milk, and wheat. For baking, they use ingredients like cornmeal, salt, and sugar. The recipe for Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is similar to their pan-crust pizza. But, for Brooklyn-style, they do not use palm oil.

You must skip Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza if you are allergic to gluten. There is no gluten-free option for their Brooklyn pizza. You should also avoid this kind of pizza if you have celiac disease so you don’t get any potential cross-contamination.

How Does Domino’s Brooklyn-Style Pizza Taste?

dominos brooklyn style

Your Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza can have a variety of tastes. It all depends on the topping and the sauce used to prepare the pizza. The thin crust is crunchy to bite but not as crispy as Domino’s other thin crust options like the crunchy one.

The major difference in the Brooklyn-style pizzas of Domino’s is that they are not seasoned with garlic. So, you will get a completely different flavor from the hand-tossed pizzas. The Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza also has less cheese than the hand-tossed pizza, but you can always ask for extra cheese.

The sauce used in the preparation is a huge deciding factor in the taste of a Brooklyn-style pizza. Domino’s Brooklyn-style Pizza comes with six to seven different sauce options, which include:

  • Honey BBQ
  • Classic Tomato
  • Hearty Mariana
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Ranch
  • Alfredo

And so on…

You can choose the sauce you want in your pizza per your preferences. You can also get a topping to get your desired taste. Domino’s offers banana peppers, Italian Sausages, Mushrooms, Buffalo sauce, and Feta cheese as the topping options for the Brooklyn-style pizzas.

Nutritional Value Of Domino’s Brooklyn-Style Pizza

When planning to eat pizza, you must know they are not known for their nutritional value. Like any other fast food, they also have a higher calorie count. But if you want an option to pamper your taste buds without compromising your diet, Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is the way to go.

The ingredients in Brooklyn Pizza increase its nutritional value compared to other contemporary pizzas. The tomato sauce that sets apart the taste of the pizza contains lycopene which reduces cancer risks. Lycopene also acts as a great antioxidant for your body. The cheese is prepared from milk and has high calcium levels, while the Onions come with the goodness of Vitamin C.

One slice of Brooklyn-style pizza has about 220 to 300 calories with ten to twenty grams of fat. The calorie count isn’t too bad for a portion of fast food like pizza. The veggies and the sauce adds to its nutritional value, making it a great cheat day choice.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Regular Pizzas: What’s The Difference?

dominos brooklyn style

Though Brooklyn-style pizza is a traditional recipe from the city of Brooklyn, New York, Domino’s has added its unique touch to the preparation making the pizzas unique to their brand. Regular pizza dough contains yeast to bake and make the crust fluffy, but the Brooklyn-style pizza has no yeast. The lack of yeast in the dough makes it thin and crunchy.

In addition, the sauce of a regular pizza is simply prepared from tomato paste. This tomato paste takes over the pizza’s entire flavor, making it hard to taste the other ingredients. Brooklyn Pizza doesn’t have a lot of tomato paste, allowing you to taste the other flavors.

The main difference between Brooklyn Style Pizza and Regular Pizza is their way of cooking. A Brooklyn Pizza is prepared in a coal or wood-fired oven, giving it a unique charred crust. The crust’s thinness is a differentiating factor in Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza. The crust is crispier than most regular pizzas.

How Much Does A Domino’s Brooklyn-Style Pizza Cost?

Like any other Domino’s pizza, Brooklyn-style pizza prices also vary from place to place. In New York, a large Brooklyn Pizza will cost you about $12.99, while an extra large May pizza may cost up to $15.99. According to Domino’s website, a large pizza is perfect for three to five people, while you should order an extra large pizza if you have more than five people.

There are a lot of discounts available from time to time as well. You must keep checking for the coupons occasionally on Domino’s website or their app.


Indulge in the unmistakable flavor and texture of Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza, crafted to perfection. With its generous toppings, thin crust, and irresistible taste, it’s a delicious choice that satisfies every craving. Experience pizza excellence with Domino’s Brooklyn Style, delivering a slice of culinary delight with every bite.

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