When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You can eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal if you wait for two weeks. If the surgery is the tooth extraction of the lower wisdom teeth, doctors suggest not eating crunchy food. 

Wisdom teeth removal is a popular dental surgery. It offers correction of the improper tooth growth that grows in the hind region.

It is advised to eat soft bread like burgers not immediately after the surgery but 5-6 days after the removal of the tooth. 

Have you undergone wisdom teeth surgery or any kind of tooth extraction surgery recently? And you are a pizza lover? Then this post is rightly scripted for you. 

If you plan to eat pizza immediately the day after wisdom teeth removalit might cause you to bleed.

It causes sensitivity in the teeth and in the gums. Thus the doctors advise you not to eat for a week or so to avoid any kind of tooth-related problems and abide by certain limitations. 

When Can I Eat Pizza After Tooth Removal?

when can i eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal

Certain factors need to be covered before you decide to eat pizza after tooth removal. They are as follows: 

  • Number of teeth extracted: If the number of teeth extracted is less or just one, you will have less pain in eating pizza. 
  • Intensity of the stitches: If your stitches are dissolvable, dental specialists recommend eating hard food items after two weeks and afterward. 
  • Kinds of teeth extraction: Lower wisdom teeth removal requires care and a longer healing time. The reason behind this is that the debris is more likely to form in the lower wisdom teeth than the upper tooth.
  • The phase of healing: For any kind of tooth extraction, 24 hours is the minimum time. If this time is not maintained, the blood coagulating period will extend to the usual one. It is a fragile stage of tooth extraction. 
  • Eating liquid and cold food than hard food crumbs: It is better to eat liquid food items than hard ones. Solid food may lead to bleeding profusely from the injured place. Doctors recommend drinking water on the first day and snacks for about a week after avoiding the dissolving of the clot.  
  • Wait for 7 to 8 weeks after tooth removal surgery: It is best to wait for 7 to 8 weeks after the tooth removal surgery and then eat solid food items, or else you might end up with uneven pain and gum issues with constant bleeding. 

When you look at your face after wisdom teeth removal surgery, you experience a swollen mouth and cheeks.

The skin is bruised for up to 2 weeks and it wears off 7 to 10 days. 

Why Do I Have To Wait Before Eating Pizza?

when can i eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal

Pizza that is in the freezer in the refrigerator may stay for 2 hours, it is safe to eat. Eating pizza leftovers at room temperature may cause fatal results. 

So, it is best not to eat it when kept at room temperature. 

Suppose you eat mac and cheese after wisdom teeth removal is safe and perfect for recovery. It is best if you eat it in the first couple of days after the oral surgery.  

How Does Eating Pizza Cause A Dislodged Clot?

Suppose while eating pizza after tooth removal, the drawing action of sucking in forcibly may split and can dislodge the clotting of the blood.

Sneezing and coughing can also lead to the dislodging of the blood clot. If you stress the injured tooth and gum, the bleeding will continue. 

Crunchy food items may displace the clots of blood. And, sticky foods can pull in protective clots right out of the socket.

Using peroxide after tooth extraction will help in flushing out the particles of the food along with the debris that may lodge in the operated area. 

Can I Eat Pizza If My Tooth Hole Was Closed? 

when can i eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal

Yes, you can eat pizza after 2 weeks once the tooth hole is closed. Instead of increasing the surgery for which one can afford multiple dollars, it is best to wait for some time and then eat foods that are hard in texture. 

Eating Pizza In The First Week After Wisdom Teeth Removal

If the pizza is freshly cooked and the bread is soft, it is best to eat the same in 6 to 7 days after the tooth removal surgery. It is softer and also hurts less compared to the other food items with a hard base. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When can I eat a burger after a tooth extraction?

A1. Meat is a chewy food particle. If after tooth extraction, you eat a burger, it might hurt your gums and make your tooth roots bleed. It is best not to eat meat for 24 hours. 

Q2. When can I stop worrying about dry sockets?

A2. Until the tooth gum is not fully healed it is best not to do any hard toil. A dry socket occurs when the blood clot that holds the socket after the extraction. If the region is healed, there is no longer the risk that exists. 

Q3.  How do you know when a blood clot falls out?

A3. Total loss of the blood clot at the tooth extraction site, one may notice an empty-looking dry socket. Pain remains if the socket is disturbed. Bad breath or foul smell spreads from the mouth.