How Many Pizzas For 40 People Full Guide & Calculator

When it is a group of 40 people or more than 40, you must use a pizza calculator to figure out the right number of pizzas. In an extra large pizza, people get about 14-15 slices. 

Then how many pizzas for 40 guests should you order? It should be 3 extra large pizzas of 16 inches and a large pizza of 14 inches for a group of forties. An average person consumes about 27 pounds of pizza in a year (if he or she is a pizza lover).

The only thing is that you should confirm the number of slices before ordering from the pizza providers. If you are worried about 18-inch pizza feeds and how many people are in a group, then let us take this as confirmation for medium-sized pizzas. 

  • 10- 12 people- 4 pizzas 
  • 15-20 people- 6 pizzas
  • 20-30 people- 8 pizzas
  • 30-32 people- 12 pizzas
  • 40-50 people- 19 pizzas

Do you know how many slices are in xl pizza? In an xl size pizza, there are about 12-14 slices fit for a medium group of people only. 

How Much Pizza Do I Need To Order?

First, everything else, the number of pizzas depends on the number of people eating them. You must calculate the head counts and then decide the number of pizzas to be ordered. If there are large groups of people, it is best to order large and extra-large pizzas. But, if you have coupons, it is best to use them and order XXL size pizza at nominal rates. 

Which Pizza Size Is The Best Value Accordingly

Pizza SizePizza PriceSlicesSquare InchesPrice per sq inchSquare InchPrice per slicePrice Per Slice (Sq inch)

How To Calculate How Much Pizza To Buy For A Group

When serving a large number of people, large and extra-large pizzas are more cost-effective. And almost every pizza vendor offers coupons to sweeten the deal.

how many pizzas for 40 people

You must know how many slices are in an extra large pizza and know how to calculate how much pizza should you buy for a group of 40 or 50.  Before you order your favorite pizza with your favorite toppings know the answer to these questions- 

1. How many people are there in the particular group?
2. How many kids are in the group & what they like
3. How can you count and how should you at the slice after slices
4. How many people will 1 slice and more than 1 slice

How Do You Serve Pizza At A Party?

Before you know how to serve pizza at a party, you must first know how many slices is a large pizzaCutting pizzas into small slices and serving them in a small tray with the choice of sauce or beverage is the right way to serve pizza at a party. 

If you are clueless about how you can serve the pizza, it is best to talk to the experts and take the help of the experts. 

How Do You Keep Pizza Warm For A Party?

how many pizzas for 40 people

If you want to keep the pizza warm for a party, use aluminum foil. If you put the pizzas in the oven, you must heat it to 400 degrees and around 5 minutes to 8 minutes.

After it is heated, remove the aluminum foil and serve it hot to the guests. 

What Are The Best Toppings To Order For A Group?

It is best to choose toppings based on a general poll before the pizza party. Some of the common and popular toppings on pizza are as follows:

  • Pepperoni: 38%
  • Sausage: 16%
  • Mushrooms: 12%
  • Other: 11%
  • Cheese: 10%
  • Chicken: 9%
  • Beef: 5%
  • Onions: 4%
  • Olives: 5%
  • Peppers, Tomatoes, and Anchovies: 2.5% 

Other Tips For Ordering Pizza For A Group Of People

1. If you are planning a pizza party, you must know the number of invitees coming to your place
2. Pay close attention to the toppings on the pizza as it matters a lot
3. Take suggestions for the size of the pizza & optimize your options
4. Calculate the cost of the pizza ahead of time for the party 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the 2 pizza rule?
Ans. There should be no team that should be larger than the number of people that can be adequately fed by 2 large pizzas. 

Q2. How many pizzas do I need for 27 kids?
Ans. For a group of 27 kids, 3 large pizzas can complete the party easily. 2 slices for one kid is enough with a complimentary drink if you need one. 

Q3. How many people does a Costco pizza feed?
Ans. A single Costco Pizza can serve 6 to 8 people. If you are holding a party between 15-17 guests, order 2 to 3 xl pizzas. 

Q4. How many pizzas do I need for 35 adults?
Ans. You will need 13 pizzas for 35 adults, assuming that each adult eats 3 slices of pizza.

This is based on the general rule of thumb that adults eat 3 slices of pizza per meal. If you know that your guests have larger appetites, you may want to order an extra pizza or two. And if you are ordering smaller pizzas, you may need to order more pizzas. But 13 pizzas is a good starting point for 35 adults.

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