How Many Slices In A Medium Domino’s Pizza In 2024

There are almost 8-10 slices of pizza available in a medium Domino’s pizza. 15.5 inches measure in a medium size pizza.

The most important thing that calculates is that it depends on the head counts and the people coming to the pizza party that estimates the actual pizza slice counts for the day. 

So, before you order the pizza for the invitees, you must have good knowledge of how many slices there are in a medium Domino’s pizza.

There are 8 piping-hot slices to share around. The big pieces are tasty and sliced. 

It is better to order 2 medium pizzas and bring in some fresh ingredients to add on them as extra toppings. Mozzarella cheese is one of the biggest ingredients that is added to the pizza to make it more tasty and better. 

How Many Square Inches Is A Medium Pizza?

Before you know how many pieces are in a medium size pizza, you must know how many inches is a medium pizza.

This will help you in your ordering.  And thus it is an important fact to do. It is a good fit for couples eating pizza also.  

Regular slices with at least 6  slices are good for 3-4 people in a group. More than that it suits a bigger group.

A medium size pizza measures about 11.5 inches with piping-hot slices. Knowing the head count beforehand helps in ordering an adequate amount of pizza slices in all of these. 

If the crowd is bigger, you can opt for the choice of ordering extra-size pizzas. Medium pizzas always have a standard of 14 slices within a standard amount to serve the crowd.

Nothing is good when you are planning to order a 14-inch pizza for your pizza lover’s group. 

How Many Slices Of Pizza Are In A Medium Pizza Hut Pizza?

how many slices in a medium domino's pizza

There are 8-10 slices of pizza available from medium Pizza Hut pizza. But from the core, you must first know about Domino’s pizza size inches as this is the first thing to consider before ordering for the pizza. 

If you can cut 14-15 slices from a pizza, you will have to buy a standard-size pizza for yourself. In a medium size, 12 inches is normally cut into 8 slices with 10 slices serving 5-6 people. 

A large size pizza of 14-inch pizza along with 153.94 square inches at 10-12 slices with 201.06 sq inches.

Keep in mind by picking the pizza that will be an appetizer for the crowd and not only a few people. 

How Many People Will A Medium Pizza Feed?

If you plan to order a medium pizza, you can rest assured that it is likely to feed at least 10-12 slices.

With an extra big to stay true to that of the group of 5-6 people. Thus you can look for medium pizza to satisfy the crowd on the whole. 

Apart from this, you can also look to order a large-size pizza. There should be a perfect balance of the toppings used on the pizza.

A small-size pizza offers 4-5 slices of pizza. It serves 2 to 4 people at a time. It is just too perfect for all kinds of pizza lovers. 

If you are calling kids to the party, you must know the headcount and then order a medium size pizza and cut it into small pieces.

If there are 3-4 people and 2-3 kids, order a medium slice of pizza with 15.5 inches of pizza bread. Just enquire about the toppings that will suit the crowd all the more.  

How Big Is A Medium Pizza?

In a medium size pizza, there is no shortage of cheese on it.  This will keep the taste and also offer a great pizza.

Hence if you ask for the size of the pizza, it counts to about 12-15.5 inches. A crowd is highly put in diameter and the cost is calculated accordingly. The slices are the same and it serves the best. 

How Many Slices In A Papa Gino Extra Medium Pizza?

how many slices in a medium domino's pizza

Medium and large pizzas from Pizza Hut with 8 slices and large slices with obvious bigger slices.

A large slice is about 14 and the xl pizza is almost about 16. Papa Gino’s slices of pizza are much bigger and sometimes one piece of pizza is better than the other form of pizza. 

The cost of this pizza is quite high. A large-size pizza is 14 inches whereas the extra-size pizza measures about 16 inches in the case of the pizza crust.

The oil used in preparing the Papa Gino extra medium-size pizza is olive oil, whereas the dough is soybean. 

How Many Slices Are In A Medium Pizza?

  • If you want to cut slices of the medium pizza, you need to know the headcounts so that no one can miss out on the ways to do so. 
  • There are 8-10 slices of pizza that are traditionally cut into 8 slices which are just best to serve 6-7 people at a time
  • Medium-size pizza is available at 12 inches which is just perfect for a big-size 
  • Extra-large pizzas come in a range of 16-18 inches in diameter that will provide at least 12-13 slices
  • Small-size pizzas are just perfect for 5-6 groups of kids 
  • Medium pizzas are 12 inches in diameter with providing around 8 pieces 

What Is The Average Size Of A Slice?

how many slices in a medium domino's pizza

Average slices of the medium-sized pizzas can come around 6 inches at one of the bases along with 10 inches in length.

This is considered to be 30 square inches. It is also counted for 4X6 inch and rectangular in size. The pizza is 640 calories. 

How Many Pizza Slices Does The Average Person Eat?

There are usually 3-5 slices coming from the large pizzas with that of the 4 slices from the medium pizza.

Thus it is a thin crust with almost just one topping. Some pizza lovers can also eat 5-6 slices of pizza. There is also something that can affect the weight. 

How Long Does A medium Pizza Last?

If you want to store pizza in the fridge, it should be tight and wrapped in plastic wrap with that of aluminum foil so that it is highly stored and bacteria is not accumulate on the crust and surface of the pizza. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many pieces is Domino’s medium pizza?

A1. There are 6 slices in Domino’s medium pizza depending on the head count so that it celebrates a particular occasion. Regular size with the 4 slices in a single person. A medium size pizza with 6-7 slices. 

Q2. How many does a medium Domino’s pizza feed?

A2. Dominos pizza comes in 3 slices and thus it is best to feed 6-7 people in a crowd. Small size comes with 4 slices and the medium size pizza comes with 6 slices serving 2 buddies and a couple. Large slice pizza serves a family of 4. 

Q3. Is it better to get 2 medium pizzas or 1 large?

A3. Yes, 2 medium pizzas are a better idea than ordering 2 medium pizzas. Surprisingly the 18-inch pizza is usually looking for more pizza than 12-inch pizzas. 

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