Does Epsom Salt Expire

Epsom Soil, a real relaxing remedy  after tiring exercise. Just a pinch of salt in a batch tub can freshen you up like a new day. But, when I was recommending the same to a friend, I came across a strange question which was, does Epsom salt expire! Well, I wondered how this would be a question, but out of curiosity I did my research and luckily found out that 

No, Epsom Salt does not expire. However, it might get hard and clumpy over time.  Moreover,  the manufacturers of Epsom salt say that it does not go bad, but that it may start to degrade over time if stored in a humid environment. The manufacturers also say that the expiration date on the package is just a point of reference and does not necessarily mean that the salt has gone bad. However, if you have had Epsom salt in storage for a long time past its expiration date, it is best to discard it. 

The reason is that Epsom salt, chemically Magnesium sulfate is a naturally occurring mineral, used commonly to take baths. It relaxes muscles when taken in the bath by providing stress relief and helps to produce bowel movements. (Reference 2) And so, here is a  Quick Tip To Use Epsom Oil: If you’re not into regular exercise and gym and you don’t need Epsom salt regularly then you must get cautious when you see your Epsom salt after a long time and keep thinking if it is good to use or not. 

5 Warning Signs That Your Epsom Salt Gone Bad

does epsom salt expire

If you want to be assured about the expiration of Epsom salt and you are confused if it has gone bad or not, then you should check these 5 warning signs that can indicate if Epsom salt has gone bad or not. 

1. Discoloration or clumping

It is one of the most common visual warning signs that can indicate that your Epsom salt has gone bad. If you notice any discoloration or clumping then it is best to throw it out. 

2. Change in smell

The smell is a great indicator of Epsom salt. If your salt smells like something other than what it usually smells like, or it smells like something from your bathroom, then it is time to collect a new one.

3. Change in texture

If you observe any changes in the texture of the Epsom salt then throw it out as a chemical reaction has taken place and it is not good to use.

4. Change in consistency

If you observe any change in the consistency of your Epsom salt then consider it a warning sign as it not 

5. Liquefaction has started

If you observe that your Epsom salt has started becoming liquid then it is an indicator that it has started losing its effectiveness and you should not use it. 

Tips To Store Epsom Salt

does epsom salt expire

Now I am sharing some simple yet so effective tips to store Epsom Salt:-

1. Keep it away from heat sources 

To maximize the shelf life of Epsom salts, store them in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

2. Protect it from air and moisture 

It is also recommended that you keep your Epsom salt in an airtight container or other safe damp free containers, such as glass jars with lids or plastic containers.

3. Store it in a separate container

It’s best to store Epsom salts in a separate container in your bathroom cabinet or cupboard for easy access when you need them. 

4. Keep it out of reach of children and pets

As you know that Epsom salt contains sulfate, which is not good for intake and it can be poisonous as well. So try to store it on the top shelf so that it can’t be reached by children and pets. 

5. Keep it away from other items

You should also keep your Epsom salt away from towels, toiletries, and bubble baths so that they don’t absorb any of the minerals or cause them to break down faster.

What Happens If You Use Expired Epsom Salt?

If your Epsom salt is looking discolored or has become a little bit lumpy then you can still use it. As you know that Epsom salt doesn’t go bad it just starts liquifying and loses its flavor, so there is nothing wrong with using old Epsom salt. It won’t be as much as effective as the new one but it won’t make you sick.

Remember that if you’ve used salt that is expired or the salt looks different than what you bought, it’s best to toss your salt. I wouldn’t suggest using it anymore. Similar to other canned food items, when someone mentions “Epsom Salts Go Bad”, they may be referring to the lack of preservatives in the mix and not an expiration date. Even table salt has no shelf life and can last for decades in your pantry if stored correctly.

Some Interesting Facts About The Epsom Salt

does epsom salt expire
  • Many people think that Epsom salt gives pain relief. However, there is no evidence that Epsom salt can be absorbed through the skin to address potential deficiencies of magnesium.
  • Many gardeners believe that using Epsom salts on their plants will result in impressive growth. However, there is little scientific evidence that this is the case as well. Some people believe that adding Epsom salts to the soil can condition it and help plants become more resistant to diseases. However, don’t get confused between fertilizer and Epsom salt. 
  • Epsom salt was given the name ‘Epson’ because it was found in a naturally occurring mineral compound located in Epsom, an English town. It was an accidental discovery. 
  • Epsom salts can provide a boost in magnesium for those who may be deficient. This mineral is important for overall health. 
  • It can be used in cleaning also as it is a natural sterilizer. 
  • Epsom salt should be also in a first aid kit because it can be used in an opened wound to prevent it from getting infected. (Reference 1)


Q1. What do you do with expired bath salts?
Ans. Expired bath salts can be used in bathing as long as it has not been destroyed by microbes. 

Q2. How do you store Epsom salts long-term?
Ans. Epsom salts don’t go bad and they can be stored even for years. It can only go bad when it dissolves. 


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