How Big Is A Medium Pizza? An Overview

A medium pizza size runs 12 inches in diameter. It gives 8 slices. Larger slices of pizzas are 14 inches in diameter. It will offer approximately 10 slices. XXL pizzas come in 16 and 18 inches in diameter. It will provide for at least 12 slices. 

If you are looking for how many inches is a medium pizza? The answer is 12-13 inches. It will give you about 8-10 slices. It is perfect for more than 2-3 people. The medium-sliced pizzas yield more than 10 slices. It works well with 4-5 people in a group. 

But what size is a large pizza? This is a pizza that comes in the size of 14 inches in diameter. It comes in 10 slices. Sometimes Pizzas with 16 inches and 18 inches come in 12-14 slices. It is perfect for parties. 

A pizza with a diameter of 18 inches is considered to be the extra-large one that should feed a family of 6 people easily. And, when it comes to Domino’s pizza, it is almost 13.5 inches. 

How Many Slices In A Medium Pizza?

Before you know how many slices are in a medium pizza, you must know how many slices are in a Domino’s medium pizza. Domino’s pizza comes in 3-4 sizes. It depends on the people present to celebrate any small or big occasion. 

Regular-sized medium pizzas come with 4-5 slices. It serves as a single person. The medium size with 6 slices. And it is good for 2 buddies or a couple of 2. The large medium-sized pizza comes with 8 big slices. It is good for family food. 

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Domino’s pizzas come in 3 sizes. It depends on the number of people eating the pizza that adds to the food items. Our large pizza with 8 big slices serves a family contemplating their appetite. It decides the sizes of the pizzas accordingly. 

Are 2 Medium Pizzas Bigger Than A Large?

How Big Is A Medium Pizza

Yes, it is equally significant ordering for 2 medium size pizzas if you don’t want to order one large pizza. To your surprise, an 18-inch pizza actually has more pizza than 2 12-inch medium-sized pizzas. 

So, when you compare 2 medium vs 1 large pizza dominos, make sure you read this content we have prepared for you.if you are a pizza lover, you will go about ordering the best pizza after you compare the slices and know how many you can feed on that.

Once you decide let us know in the comment section about which makes the most sense- 2 medium vs. 1 large pizza?   

Know The Tips For Making A Delicious Medium Pizza-

  • Use a scale for baking a pizza
  • Use the metric system 
  • Learn about the baker’s percentages before you prepare the crust
  • Pick the right texture of flour
  • Choose a style of the pizza & the toppings
  • Cold fermentation for better flavor with a texture
  • If you have no time to prepare the fresh dough, just buy it
  • Make use of a Pin like a pro
  • Make use of a baking steel
  • Pies and the top should be prepared wisely
  • Blast the heat in the pan before placing the pie crust
  • Make use of a Baking stone 

What To Consider While Ordering Pizza For A Large Group? 

  • You will get extra sauce for free with your favorite pizza toppings
  • Order a pizza meal deal, eat one, and freeze the other for future eating
  • Know how many people should eat the pizza
  • Know how many adults and kids are invited to the pizza treat
  • Get knowledge about everyone’s appetite 
  • Order a large pizza then order small pizzas
  • Choose the toppings wisely
  • Order for extra seasonings  
  • Ask for some grated cheese and red pepper along with it
  • Ask for some extra pepperoncini & extra spice 
  • Lastly, order the pizza apart from always ordering something unique 
  • Ask for some garlic choice for background seasoning 
  • Order for an uncut pizza 
  • Use a good amount of corn & veggies 
  • The different crusts are better than one constant taste of the crust

When Should You Order For A Medium Pizza?

How Big Is A Medium Pizza

To be very honest, ordering a medium pizza is equal to 2 regular-sized pizzas. So, it is almost the same. If you are planning or order a takeaway pizza, make sure you rethink your order. Use some math before placing the order. 

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Now let us see how many slices are in a medium pizza dominoes. For that, you must first know about the number of people eating the pizza at a time. You should always order the large pizza because it will be cheaper per square inch. 

  • Order a large pizza of 18 inches depending on the number of people 
  • Order 2 medium-sized pizzas rather than one large pizza
  • If you have 4-5 people in a group, a 12-inch medium pizza is cut into 8-9 slices. 
  • Medium-size pizzas measure 12-14 inches in diameter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a medium pizza enough for two?

Ans1. Yes, a medium-sized pizza is enough for two and it is more than enough. It is 12 inches and cut into 7-8 pieces. It is best for a big group of kids and 4-5 adults. 

Q2. Is it better to get 2 medium pizzas or 1 large?

Ans2. Depending on the number of people, it is best to order 2 medium-sized pizzas or a large pizza. For a much better experience, it is best to order uncut slices of pizza that measure 14 inches.  

Q3. Is medium or large pizza a better deal?

Ans3. The number of people in a group will decide on which is the best deal compared to the other. A medium-sized pizza is one of the best and the most economical one over the other.

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