How to Remove Kitchen Countertop?

Hey reader! Can you tell us one of the major impacts that the internet has on our lives? Let us tell you.

The internet has shared all the necessary information across the globe and made our lives easier. And one of those pieces of information is about DIYs and repair hacks. But why are we telling you all this? Because we are about to unfold the secrets of how to remove the kitchen countertop.

You have to follow up with us so that you can do it on your own and make yourself a new and desirable kitchen countertop. So, let us have a look at our contents and then swiftly dive into the details.

Kitchen’s Editorial

  • How to remove countertops without damaging cabinets?

Removing and Replacing

  • How to remove Formica countertop?
  • Install granite countertop without plywood
  • Replacing laminate countertops with quartz

Questions that Matter

  • FAQ

Kitchen’s Editorial

Since everyone loves to have a dreamy kitchen where you can work in a good mood and cook good meals for yourself, it is indeed one goal to accomplish.

Having said that, let’s explore the main area of kitchen countertops.

How to remove countertops without damaging cabinets?

Are you worried that your glued countertop might damage the drawls or the cabinets beneath it in the process of removal?

So, let’s find out How to remove countertops that are glued down?

If your countertop has been glued down and sealed properly, it can be slightly difficult to remove the countertop without doing any damage to the trim, the counter, or the cabinets.

But that does not mean it’s impossible, you can still do the job by prying with a putty knife or a prybar as it is the best countertop removal method that has been glued down.

And now, let us learn step by step how to initiate the process:

Steps to Remove countertops that are glued down:

  1. Clean the entire space before starting and remove all the appliances and accessories including food, drawers, utensils, cookware, and everything else from the countertop to make your work easy.

Also, take out the sink, shut off the gas pipeline, cover the electrical outlets, and disconnect the water lines on the countertop to make sure there’s no space for any accident.

  • Now, to remove the countertop, spray the adhesive surrounding the edges of the countertop with a caulk softener and leave it for one hour.
  • After that, use a putty knife again and carefully insert the knife under the countertop until it is loose enough to lift.
  • Now, before lifting the countertop, make sure there’s no other thing like screws or nails that are keeping your countertop in place.
  • If there are any screws or nails, take all of them out and then gently lift the old countertop to remove it from your kitchen.

There’s a lot more information waiting for you below on how to remove and replace a countertop. Don’t miss that out!

Removing and Replacing

Before sharing the details of replacing countertops with you, we would like to show you how to remove a countertop made with specific material. Have a look.

How to remove the Formica countertop?

How to Remove Kitchen Countertop?
ow to remove the Formica countertop?

Do you know how to remove old Formica from countertops? Are you looking for ways to do so?

Well, it’s quite the same and the method mentioned above. Just follow:

  1. First, you need to Insert a thin putty knife into the crack where the Formica meets the wood.
  2. As the adhesive softens, start inserting the knife a little deeper in between the wood and the Formica.
  3. When you have reached the end of it, smoothly lift the Formica and remove it from the countertop.

While doing this process, remember to be extra careful, and Formic catches fire easily, and be patient as this process is a bit time-consuming.

And now, let’s replace and install countertops.

Replacing laminate countertops with quartz:

  1. Start with marking the sinkhole, gas stove, and every other space that needs to be cut off from the quarts before putting it on your countertop.
  2. Now, take the measurements of the shelf and the walls and cut the quarts according to what’s required.
  3. After that, cut buildup strips to install at each corner underneath the counter and screw them down on the base.
  4. Now, to fix the quartz countertop to the cabinets and the base, start applying the glue. Attach buildup strips, and insert the nuts and bolts and tighten them.
  5. Then, seal the joint and spaces in between the countertop and walls and re-install the sink and all of your other appliances

Install granite countertop without plywood:

When it comes to installing granite countertops if the granite has a thickness of 3 centimeters you won’t require an underlayment of plywood at all.

But if the granite has a thickness less than that, you will surely need to use plywood for the support of the countertop.

How to Remove Kitchen Countertop?
Install granite countertop without plywood

Done with all the removing, replacing, and reinstalling, now let us head staring towards the FAQ section.

Questions that Matter

Below are some of the popularly asked questions and doubts on changing a countertop and you should know the answer to all of them so read them carefully.


How hard is it to remove countertops?

While removing a laminate kitchen countertop is quite easy. you should take the help of a professional if your counters are attached with construction adhesive or epoxy since this process is a bit difficult to do without damaging the countertops.

Are countertops glued down?

Not all kinds of countertops are glued down. But there are still chances that some of them can be glued to fix them and keep them in place.

How are kitchen countertops attached?

Kitchen countertops are attached based on the type of countertop you want to have. Every countertop, whether granite, laminated, quartz, or wooden is attached differently.

How do you remove a countertop without damaging backsplash?

This task can easily be done by using a reciprocating saw as it will cut through the backsplash just as easily as it cuts through the countertops.

Can you glue new laminate over old laminate countertops?

Yes, it is possible to glue a new laminate over an old laminate countertop.

Now, go to your kitchen and get rid of your old countertop and do some DIY to get yourself a brand new and fresh countertop that will increase the glam of your kitchen.


We discussed how to remove a kitchen countertop and understood that there are so many different types of countertops and each one of them has a different process of installation.

Also, you can put a lamination over a laminated countertop, you can remove a countertop without much damage.

you can also take the help of a professional if you don’t know how to do the job alone.

For more details, keep checking out this space.