Is White Bread Bad for You?

How many times in a day do you eat bread? At least once, right? Whether you make a sandwich in the breakfast or you order one once you reach your office our daily meals depend on bread a little too much.

And since It’s our hobby to tell you how healthy or unhealthy your daily food is for your regular consumption, today we decided to include white bread in this list too.

So, if you love eating bread, if you want to continue eating bread, and if you want to stay healthy while eating your favorite white bread, you have to come along with us and find out if white bread bad for you or not?

The Bread Bakery

“You are the bread to my butter.”

Welcome to the bread bakery and we are about to begin discussing everything about the white bread to your white butter that you consume daily. And to know if white bread is bad for you or not, we must begin with understanding is white bread is unhealthy?

Yes, white bread is very unhealthy especially if consumed regularly. This is because it contains highly processed refined flour that is low in fiber and essential nutrients and contains additives.

Even if you are buying white bread with the word ‘whole’ as the first ingredient, it still does not guarantee a healthful product and so it must not be added to your daily diet.

Is White Bread Bad for You?
“You are the bread to my butter.”

Does white bread have sugar?

Most commercial bread is unhealthy if eaten in large amounts because it is high on the glycemic index and can lead to a rapid spike in your daily blood sugar levels because white bread contains a lot of added sugar.

Talking about white bread and diabetes, A research of 9,267 people found that consuming two slices or 120 grams of white bread per day increases the chance of high blood sugar, weight gain, heart disease, and obesity by 40%.

So, apart from white bread weight gain, it can also be responsible for many other health issues if not consumed properly.

Talking about Whether eating white bread is fattening or not, since white bread comes under processed foods and contains additives, it is obvious that eating white bread can make you fat. If a person eats white bread regularly, they can gain a fat belly because the carbohydrates in white bread are not easy to break down and hence stay in the stomach for much longer than the good carbohydrates.

Also, if you think white toast makes you gain weight, the answer is a big yes. like we discussed above, white bread is a processed food, contains sugar and has refined flowers on it that can make you fat, increase your blood sugar, and can also cause you heart disease if eaten regularly, then it’s quite obvious that white bread can also make you gain unwanted weight.

But all this will only happen if you will consume white bread in huge amounts and you will not do any workout to digest all the fats that entered your body after consuming the white bread in any which way.

A controlled diet with a regular workout can keep your health in good condition and will let you enjoy your favorite food without much tension.

Well, enough of this white bread diet. Now let move ahead and learn some more facts about white bread including its storage conditions and shelf life.

Bread Theory

“I judge a restaurant by the bread they server.”

Do you also judge a restaurant by the bread they serve? The bread they use to make sandwiches? Or are you normal? Well, we aren’t here to know about all this but to learn more about the bread theory and this is what we have found out for you to know:

  • What are the types of bread?

There are so many types of bread. The ones that rise too much, the ones that rise to a medium level, and the ones that don’t rise at all. Apart from that, there’s banana bread, baguette bread, breadstick, brioche, challah, ciabatta, cornbread, focaccia, and many more types of bread available all across the globe.

  • How many slices of bread should I eat daily?

Recent Dietary research says that a healthy diet includes 1,800-to-2,000-calories and in this diet, you can include 6 slices of bread a day or 3 slices of “refined-grain” white bread a day.

  • How to eat bread?

If you are at a formal dinner table, there’s only one correct way to eat bread and that is while there is a course on the table. Eating bread before or after the course is the incorrect way.

Also, bread is always kept on the left side of the table and not anywhere else.

  • What can be made from white bread?

You can make uncountable things from a single white bread including sandwiches, pizza, bread rolls, apricot oat bread, beer-onion-jalapeno bread, cheese bread, chewy French baguette, etc and many more recipes can be found on the internet on what all dishes you can make from white bread.

  • How Long Does Bread Last?

A homemade bread kept at room temperature lasts for about 3–4 days while the store brought bread lasts up to 7 days at room temperature. Whether home-made or store-bought, a bread’s shelf life increases by 3 to 5 days if it is stored in the refrigerator.

Is White Bread Bad for You?
How Long Does Bread Last?
  • Storing bread at room temperature vs Store bread in the fridge:

Bread should be kept in a cool and dry place away from the direct sunlight, and if you which to keep the bread outside the refrigerator, make sure the temperature is suitable for bread’s survival.

To prevent molding in bread, it is recommended to be kept in the fridge if it’s not sealed anymore. Refrigeration can increase the shelf life of both commercial and homemade bread by 3–5 days and keeps it safe from going bad.

Now you all about your white bread. From nutrition to risks, from storage to shelf life, and from recipes to kinds of bread available in the market to munch on. Stay tuned for more interesting and mouth-watering information on various foods.


In searching about is white bread bad for you or not, we conclude that while masses are a big fan of bread and anything made from bread, it is not always healthy to eat bread. They have got their fair share of health risks, weight management issues, and high blood sugar concerns too.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to eat bread within a limit and store it properly so that you don’t have to eat molded bread and put your health in more danger.