What Is A Pizza Peel And How To Use It

A Pizza Peel Is Often Used In Commercial Pizza Parlours But Can Also Be Used In The Home. A Pizza Peel Allows You To Get The Pizza From The Oven And Place It On The Table Easily, Which Is Especially Helpful If You Are Working With A Large Family-Sized Pizza Or Multiple Pizzas At Once.

Learning How To Use A Pizza Peel Properly Will Help Ensure That You Make Your Pizzas Safely, Without Burning Yourself Or Damaging The Food.

Do You Need A Pizza Peel?

A Pizza Peel Is A Tool To Slide Pizzas In And Out Of A Hot Oven. They Are Usually Wood Or Metal And Have A Long Handle To Keep Your Hands Safe From The Heat. If You’re Serious About Making Pizza At Home, A Pizza Peel Is A Must-Have Tool.

This Easy-To-Use Tool Will Come In Handy When You Need To Get The Dough Off The Counter And Into The Oven.

Just Remember: Never Use A Pizza Peel On A Gas Stove Top! Wood Has Been Treated With Various Chemicals That Release Fumes When Heated.

You’ll Just Be Breathing In All Those Chemicals, Which Can Be Hazardous For You And Anyone Else In The Kitchen Who Might Cook Something Else On That Same Burner Afterwards.

To Avoid A Fire Hazard (And Possible Evacuation), Please Use Only Metal Peels When Using Gas Stoves. 

For Best Results, Brush Both Sides Of The Pizza Crust With Olive Oil Before Adding Any Toppings, Which Will Help Ensure That It Doesn’t Stick While Baking.

what is a pizza peel

Types Of Pizza Peels In Steps

There Are Four Main Types Of Pizza Peels: Wood, Metal, Plastic, And Silicone. 

  1. Wooden Pizza Peels Are The Most Traditional Type Of Peel. They’re Typically Made From Maple Or Beech Wood And Have A Slightly Curved Edge To Help Slide Pizzas In And Out Of The Oven. 
  2. Metal Pizza Peels Are Less Common Than Wooden Peels, But Professional Pizza Makers Often Use Them. They Conduct Heat Well And Can Withstand High Temperatures, So They’re Great For Quickly Sliding Pizzas In And Out Of The Oven. 
  3. Plastic Pizza Peels Are Lightweight And Inexpensive, Making Them A Good Option For Home Cooks. They Can’t Stand Up To As Much Abuse As Other Materials, Though, So If You Use Your Peel Heavily, It Might Start To Warp Over Time. 
  4. Silicone Pizza Peels Are Easy To Clean And Maintain; Scrub Them With Soap And Water After Each Use! However, They Do Tend To Stick When Trying To Pull Pizzas Off The Pan—So That Might Not Be A Great Choice If You Need An Extra Hand Getting Your Pie Out Of The Oven.

How To Use A Pizza Peel​ In Steps

  1. Start With A Clean Pizza Peel. If It’s Dirty, Your Pizza Will Stick.
  2. Place Your Pizza Dough On The Peel, Stretching It To Your Desired Size.
  3. Add Your Sauce And Toppings, Being Careful Not To Overload The Pizza.
  4. Preheat Your Oven To The Appropriate Temperature For The Type Of Crust You Use.
  5. Carefully Transfer The Pizza From The Peel To The Oven, Using A Quick Jerking Motion.
  6. Bake For The Recommended Time Or Until The Cheese Is Melted And Bubbly.
  7. Slice And Serve!

10 Tips To Stop Pizza Dough Sticking To The Peel

Pizza Peels Are Tools Used To Slide Pizzas In And Out Of Ovens. They’re Usually Long-Handled And Made Of Wood Or Metal.

The Most Important Part Of Using A Pizza Peel Is Ensuring The Dough Doesn’t Stick. Here Are Ten Tips To Prevent That From Happening 

  • Rub Olive Oil On The Peel Before Working With The Dough. 
  • Sprinkle Cornmeal On The Pizza Peel Before Working With The Dough To Keep It From Sticking. 
  • Dust Your Hands And Work Surface With Flour, Then Roll Out Your Dough Over This Surface. 
  • Sprinkle Semolina Flour Over Your Work Surface And Hands When Rolling Out The Dough For An Even Better Grip. 
  • Dip Your Fingers In Water When Handling Toppings, So They Don’t Stick As Much To The Ingredients, Which Will Also Help Them Transfer More Easily Onto The Pizza Crust. 
  • Work Quickly – If You Take Too Long To Move The Dough, It Will Start To Set Up And Become Harder To Handle. 
  • Lay Down Parchment Paper Or Aluminium Foil Underneath The Pizza Peel Before Sliding The Pie Onto It. 
  • Let Cold Items Come Into Contact With Warm Dough For About 30 Seconds, So They Have Time To Cool Down. 
  • Flour Your Hands Well But Sparingly When Handling Warm Items, Like Cooked Sausage Or Bacon – Too Much Flour Can Dry These Items Out And Change Their Texture Significantly. 
  • Keep A Clean Hand Towel Nearby While You’re Cooking; Wet It Occasionally If You Find Yourself Dealing With Sticky Issues

5 Steps To Choosing The Right Pizza Peel

what is a pizza peel

Choosing The Right Pizza Peel Can Make All The Difference In Making The Perfect Pizza. Here Are Five Steps To Choosing The Right One For You: 

  • Decide What Material You Want Your Pizza Peel To Be Made Out Of. Wood, Metal, Or Silicone Are All Popular Choices. 
  • Consider The Size Of Your Peel. You’ll Want One That’s Big Enough To Fit Your Largest Pizza But Not So Big That It’s Cumbersome To Use. 
  • Think About How You’ll Be Using Your Peel. If You Plan On Using It Mainly For Baking Pizzas, Look For One With A Long Handle. But A Shorter Handle Might Be Better If You’re Using It Mainly For Serving. Whatever You Choose, Make Sure It Feels Comfortable In Your Hand And Has A Non-Slip Grip. 
  • Look At The Shape Of The Paddle Portion Of The Peel. A Round Paddle Will Give You More Control Over Where You Put Your Pizza As It Slides Off, While A Square Paddle May Work Better For Getting Into Corners. 
  • Consider Whether Or Not There Are Holes In The Bottom Of The Blade End Of Your Peel. Holes Allow Air To Escape Under Hot Pies As They Slide Off–A Must-Have Feature If You’re Worried About Crispy Crusts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Purpose Of A Pizza Peel?

A Pizza Peel Is A Tool To Slide Pizzas In And Out Of A Hot Oven. It Is Usually Made Of Wood Or Metal And Has A Long Handle To Keep Your Hands Safe From Heat. A Pizza Peel Can Also Transfer Other Baked Goods, Like Bread Or Cookies, From A Baking Sheet To A Cooling Rack. To Use A Pizza Peel, Dust It With Flour Or Cornmeal, Place Your Dough On Top And Slide It Into The Oven.

2. What Is A Pizza Peel Substitute?

A Pizza Peel Is A Flat, Paddle-Like Tool To Slide Pizzas In And Out Of Ovens. It Is Typically Made Of Wood Or Metal And Has A Long Handle To Keep Your Hands Safe From The Heat. If You Don’t Have A Pizza Peel, You Can Use A Large Spatula Or An Upside-Down Baking Sheet.

3. What Are Pizza Peels Made Of?

Pizza Peels Are Made Of Various Materials, Including Wood, Metal, And Even Plastic. They Come In Different Sizes And Shapes, But They All Have One Purpose: To Help You Get Your Pizza In And Out Of The Oven! Pizzas Typically Rest On The Peel And Then Slide Off Onto The Floor Of An Oven Or Into A Stone-Lined Hearth. A Well-Made Peel Will Be Sturdy Enough To Handle An Extra-Large Pizza Without Bending Or Breaking (Though Some Models Break Down For Storage).

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