Does it go bad?



“When life gives you lemons, grab salt & tequila!” If you agree with our aforementioned quote, we are certain that your love for high spirit magical drink, tequila is pretty strong. Considering this, we assume that you wouldn’t want to miss CASAMIGOS TEQUILA PRICE and all the related information as it is one premium one … Read more

What Does Courgette Taste Like?


While watching a cookery show, you might have heard the host say, “now we add the courgette”. Ever wondered what courgette is? What does courgette taste like?  Let’s start without any delay. Courgette Crash Course Now before we get too deep into the detail. What does courgette taste like? It is important to know what … Read more

Does Gatorade Expire?

Does Gatorade Expire

Yes, Gatorade powder does expire! An unopened powdered Gatorade lasts for up to 6-7 months past its due date mentioned on the pack. Once the pack is open, storing it properly and consuming it within the time limit is suggested. Gatorade Shelf Life Details To know more about how long does Gatorade last, check out … Read more

Does Lard Go Bad?

Does Lard Go Bad

In a world full of various dishes, every other person is a foodie and we are pretty sure that you are a foodie too. And a foodie is always up for some amazing food-related information, aren’t you? Thinking of that, we decided to shower you with some details on does lard goes bad? Do you … Read more

Does Tahini Paste Go Bad?

Does tahini paste go bad?

Whenever I buy Tahini paste from the market, a question always pops up in my mind can tahini paste go bad? After all, I don’t like to throw it anyways as it is one special Middle Eastern condiment, that is made from grinding hulled and lightly roasted sesame seeds. Either served by itself or as … Read more

Is White Bread Bad for You?

Is White Bread Bad for You?

How many times in a day do you eat bread? At least once, right? Whether you make a sandwich in the breakfast or you order one once you reach your office our daily meals depend on bread a little too much. And since It’s our hobby to tell you how healthy or unhealthy your daily … Read more

Does Baileys Go Bad?

How to Store Bailey To Prevent Its expiration?

Yes, baileys can go bad. It comes with a shelf life of 2 years and even if you store it correctly, saving it for longer than 2 years is not really possible. What is Baileys? It is an Irish Cream liqueur flavored with cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey. This alcoholic drink is poured exclusively on … Read more


Does Almond Milk Go Bad?

“If almonds can become milk, you can become anything.” If you are wondering does almond milk expire or not then the answer is, that it surely does. Just like any other milk, almond milk can go bad too. But almond milk’s shelf life is not too short. If you buy packed almond milk from the … Read more

Do Sodas Go Bad?

Do Sodas Go Bad?

“Soda in one hand, confidence in the other.” The aforementioned quote is indeed a bubbly truth, however, Can soda expire? All sodas come with a ‘best before date and not a ‘use before’ or ‘expiry date’ which means that they don’t get expired. With that being said, Let us first understand what exactly is soda … Read more