Does Brown Sugar Go Bad ?

Lucky Us! NOOO, brown sugar don’t go bad! But, definitely, it is saved if you’ve stored your packet of brown sugar in a cool and dry place with a tight seal. Otherwise, It may form lumps or get hard after keeping it in storage for a long time, which happens when sugar comes in contact with lots of moisture.

But there is nothing to worry about you easily make lumps go away. In scientific words, brown sugar does not carry microbial growth. It does lose its quality and may change its taste a little but you can still use it even after its expiry date.  

With the conditions mentioned,  if you want to know how to restore brown sugars and the correct method to store it or maybe the warning signs that can save your brown sugars from going bad then keep reading this article for more information.

does brown sugar go bad

Warning Signs That Your Brown Sugar Has Gone Bad

If you are worried and thinking, does brown sugars expire or can brown sugars go bad then as I said above no it doesn’t easily go bad if you store it well but there are some warning signs which can save it from getting waste.

  • Brown sugar contains more moisture than white sugar, when that moisture evaporates then it starts to harden or it forms lumps. You don’t have to worry about it as it is a natural reaction and it is still consumable.
  • If your brown sugasr starts to give an odor that doesn’t smell like the original one, which indicates it has taken over the smell of the product you’ve kept near it as brown sugars contains properties to absorb smells. 

When Does Opened Brown Sugar Go Bad?

If you are looking for signs of whether your brown sugars has gone bad or not then, below are some signs which will tell you that it is time to buy a new packet of your brown sugar.

  • If you open your packet of brown sugar and notice that, there are insects, larvae, or eggs in it then it sure is the time to either ask for a refund or to throw it away.
  • If you find any type of mold or algae inside the packet of your brown sugars then it is because of too much contact with moisture, which means now is the time to dispose of it off. 

Tips For Storing Opened Brown Sugar

  • If you want to store your opened sugar in the original packet then make sure to seal the packet tightly or use a sealing clip to avoid moisture getting inside.
  • After opening the packet put the sugar in an airtight container.
  • If your sugar is perfectly sealed then your sugar is safe from bugs, insects or odor of the other products.

Tips For Storing Unopened Brown Sugar

  • Store it in a cool and dry place so that it doesn’t come in contact with moisture.
  • When you store your unopened pack of brown sugars in a pantry or kitchen cupboard then make sure to keep it away from things that have a strong smell because brown sugars can absorb it.
  • And as long as the packet is not opened you store it as it is, there is no need to put it in the container or you can directly put the packet in the container.

How To Restore Hardened Brown Sugar?

If one day you open your pantry and found your brown sugars in clumps then don’t throw it away there are a few ways to restore it.

  • Put a marshmallow, an apple wedge, a fresh slice of bread, or an orange peel inside the packet or the container. So, sugar will absorb moisture from them and the clumps will soften. This process will take some time.
  • You can also put a wet paper towel on it, put it in a microwave at a high temperature and keep a check on it and immediately take whatever amount you want as it will harden again after getting dry. 
  • If the sugar is still hard after using the above methods, then try to break the clumps by wrapping a cloth around the clump and beating it with a heavy object, then it will become powdery and you can use it again. 

Pro-tip To Extend The Life Of Brown Sugar

To save your brown sugars from any kind of hazards either store it properly in a cool, dry and away from appliances or there is a gadget Sugars Saver which will help you keep the moisture from atmosphere away and it will also prevent it from clumping. 


Q1. Is it safe to use expired brown sugars?

Ans. Yes! It is safe to use brown sugars way past its expiration date. It may form clumps but there are lot ways to get rid of them.

Q2. When should you throw out brown sugar?

Ans. If you notice any kind of insects, larvae, or eggs in it then it the indication of throwing your brown sugar.

Q3. Does brown sugar get white mold?

Ans. This process rare but if you leave your brown sugar in an extreme humid atmosphere then there are high chances that it may get moldy.

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