Does Pomegranate Juice Go Bad?

Adding Pomegranate juice to smoothies or green vegetable juices is always refreshing. It adds up the flavor and nutritional value of the juice which eventually make it even healthier. And, with that thought, I make so much of it that I store it in the refrigerator so I could drink it later. But, when I later sip it, I feel the change in taste. and makes me wonder if pom juice goes bad.

And that wastage leads to frustration.

So, to avoid further wastage, I thought to dig into some details about it and share it with pomegranate juice lovers like me through this blog. So, let’s get started!

Does Pomegranate Juice Go Bad?

And here comes the fact of concern. Yes, pomegranate juice can go bad. But It can last for 2-5 days if it is freshly made at home and stored properly in the refrigerator or in case it is unopened it can last for 18 months or by its expiration date on the package.

To be more precise in detail, let’s know its effect on ways of storing it.

How Long Does Pomegranate Juice Last?

Unfortunately, this flavourful Pomegranate juice stays good for only a few hours if stored at room temperature. But if stored in a refrigerator as opened bottle, it can last up to 2 to 5 days, but as an unopened bottle, it can be kept for 12-18 months, depending on its best-by or expiration date. And at the same, if it is stored in the freezer, it can stay for up to 2 years but that doesn’t mean it would be as nutritious as it was.

Finally, got some hopes to save the unsipped juice. right? Well, here is more to come!

With that understanding, I was curious to know more about it and checked the details on how pomegranate juice expires.

And realized that, while keeping in mind all the criteria, it won’t be wrong to say that there are many factors to consider to determine its expiry like packaging, brand, or freshly juiced. Moreover, storing is the key to saving it.

Scientifically speaking, if don’t store properly, the composition of pom juice is such that it starts the process of fermentation because of pathogens and spoilage bacteria that effect the digestive system of the consumer and change in color, texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the juice, respectively.

Considering this, the shelf life of the juice depends on a lot of the storage and even packaging of juice.

How Does Packaging effect Pomegranate Juice Shelf Life?

Studies show that packaging has a significant effect on pom juice shelf life. it was concluded that packaging doesn’t affect the soluble sugar level, acid, and ph ratio, however, upon keeping it for 12 days under examination, the juice content started declining.(reference point 1)

Considering this, different brands offer different packaging as per their budget and safety that suffice FDA guidelines. Moreover, each manufacturer ensures to mention the expiry date on the package to keep their consumers informed about its expiry date.

So, here comes a piece of advice, don’t ever skip to check the expiry dates of the edible items.

Anyways, now let me know the packaging effects on pom juice expiry.

1. Cardboard boxes- Pomegranate juice in card box boxes is a low-cost, effective method for many companies to store the juice. After all, the box can be recycled and environment friendly too. However, it fails in maintaining air tightness and withstanding pressure. Thus, it can be kept for up to 18 months without refrigeration if stored in cardboard containers similar to juice boxes or in larger quantities. Most people think you should consume it within a year of buying it. It needs to be refrigerated and finished within three days once opened.

2. Glass – Glass is one of the most costly materials. But, highly recommended by popular companies like Lakewood which clearly advise consuming the juice within 2 weeks after opening the bottle. Or, in case the bottle remains unopened and stored on the shelf, refer to the expiration date on the bottle. Furthermore, you may also call the company if there are any doubts. Their number is 1-866-324-5900. (reference point 3)

But, the reason behind such instruction is pretty clear the glass keeps the juice intact for up to 2 weeks because it is temperature resistant, non-toxic, odorless, transparent, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Plastic– This is the traditional packaging method for liquids like milk and juice. However, plastic packaging is not only wasteful but also doesn’t do as good a job of preserving food as cardboard does. To protect the integrity of the plastic bottle, fruit juice should be stored in the fridge at all times. After being opened, most juices have a two-week shelf life. Thus, when I buy a plastic pack of juice, I make sure that it has its expiry date clearly printed. And so I mainly recommend POM, because if needed, they can be contacted at this phone number, 877-450-9493. 

4. Storing it in a Can– The shelf life of canned pomegranate juice is one year if it is kept at room temperature. A fabulous place, or somewhere around room temperature, is preferable for storage. The juice should be consumed within three days and stored in the fridge. Moreover, it is important to consider that storing it in a can may turn it brown color and change the flavor a bit. But, if you can add two tablespoons of bottled lemon juice, it may prevent it from losing its color and taste. (reference pt.2)

How To Tell If Pomegranate Juice Is Bad?

Well, since we all know the answer to can pomegranate juice go bad, is pretty clear. it’s time Understand the signs that can tell the expiration of pomegranate juice. And I must say, it is pretty simple. So now, let’s find out How do you know when pomegranate juice is bad?

To begin with, Both the composition and appearance of your pomegranate juice will change when it goes wrong.

Let’s know the details

  • Off Smell

Anytime you notice an off smell in the typical flavor, taste, and appearance, it is time to say goodbye to it then and there.

  • Change In Color

The bright red color of pom always makes it irresistible. But as time passes, the vivid hue of the ruby aril fades and becomes hazy. As with many other types of spoilage, this one can be identified primarily by its outward appearance.

  • Change In The Taste 

When you prepare your homemade pomegranate juice or buy one from the mall, they taste lively and sweet. But it’ll have an unusual flavor when it’s going wrong or if it spoils entirely. If you notice any unusual taste in the flavor, get it rid of it for good.

With the last point shared, I know you must be curious to know the shelf life of Pom Juice. Yes, felt the same! Let’s find out How To Preserve Pom Juice And Make It Last Longer?

Tips To Store Pomegranate Juice 

To increase the shelf life of pomegranate juice, it is advisable to store it in areas where mold and other microorganisms can’t grow. It will extend the product’s shelf life. Furthermore, it is always advised to keep it in the refrigerator or in deep freezing to make it last longer. Furthermore, different storage techniques for the same type of fruit juice can drastically increase its freshness and longevity on store shelves. The same holds whether the item is sealed and stored in the fridge or open and kept at room temperature. 

How To Store Pomegranate Juice In The Fridge?

Honestly, after understanding the facts, I believe it is best to refrigerate pom juice and consume it within 2 weeks. This refreshing juice will stay in the fridge for days without losing its delicious flavor.

It doesn’t really matter if it is in glass, cardboard, or plastic unless it is refrigerated, and keep a check on the expiry date as mentioned on the packing. (reference pt,4).

How Store In The Pantry Or Counter?

If you are unable to refrigerate it immediately and wish to display it in the pantry or counter, you can keep a ceramic or glass jar on hand at all times. Also, always remember that it can be kept for 2-3 hours only.

Now I hope, you will be able to enjoy your pom juice for a longer period of time, just like me. So, let’s find some more answers that are often asked by many during my research.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Does Pomegranate Juice Taste Good?

Juice from pomegranates is delicious. It has an authentic pomegranate flavor. But without crushing the seed to get the juice, it has a sour flavor that complements the sugary flavor well. Moreover, some heat it to 161 degrees Celsius to alter the juice’s flavor. However, It’s common knowledge that heating juice causes it to lose its original flavor and acquire unappealing byproducts, so heated pomegranate doesn’t make the juice taste very good.

Q2. How To Remove Pomegranate Seeds?

Removing the pomegranate seeds is very easy. Simply, remove the thick, round tip of the fruit, then insert the knife and cut horizontally. Then you can either use water and drain it out while using the stabbing knife for causing the seeds to fall off and onto the serving platter.

Q3. How To Prepare Pomegranate Juice?

Well, preparing pom juice is as refreshing as consuming it. Just be ready with a blender or juicer, a mesh strainer, a spoon, and some plates. After removing the seeds, wash the fruit and blend it in a juicer or blender. And now, enjoy the Pour in the water and mix for two full minutes. You will see a fresh color of the juice, so now Strain it through a mesh strainer. Fresh pomegranate juice is ready! These are the few simple steps you must follow to make it. You may watch a video for the process:

Q4.Does Pomegranate Juice Stain?

Yes! Clothing does get stained by this delicious fruit drink. If it gets on our curtains or any other fabric, it will stain and may become permanent if it isn’t washed off right away. In addition, it discolors our teeth. So, I always use a straw when drinking this incredibly nourishing beverage and make sure to rinse my teeth after.


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