Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

“Life is great. Cheese makes it better.”

Does your life revolve around cheese too? Is your food also incomplete without some cheese added on the top of it? Does the cheese melting on the top of the pizza make you drool?

Well, then we think you have landed at the right places because we are about to unfold some crazy details about cheese and you will get to know all about ricotta cheese including information on can you freeze ricotta cheese or not?

But, let’s start with looking at the table of content first!

Can ricotta cheese be frozen?
Does ricotta cheese need to be cooked?
How to strain ricotta cheese?
How do you strain ricotta cheese without a cheesecloth?

Now, let’s get straight into the world of ricotta cheese.

The Cheese Gallery

“You can’t make everyone happy. You are not cheese.”

Divided by different food preferences and united by cheese added on everything? Isn’t this is exactly how the cheese makes everyone happy? By uniting them?

Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese
The Cheese Gallery

Well, exploring the cheese gallery, let’s first have a look at what exactly is ricotta cheese?

Firstly, ricotta is a soft cheese with a fine, moist, and grainy texture.

Secondly, it’s a staple Italian whey cheese and like any other whey cheese, it is made by coagulating the proteins that remain after the casein has been used to make other cheese.

Lastly, it is made from sheep, cow, goat, or buffalo milk whey but the ricotta that you consume most frequently or the one that is majorly available at the grocery stores is made from cow milk.

How To Use Ricotta Cheese?

You can put ricotta on toast and then top it with almost anything like seasoning, veggies, etc. You can make pancakes with it, eat it for dessert, and topping it with strawberries and maple syrup. Put it on a fried egg.

You can also bake a cheesecake or bake anything with ricotta cheese. Put it on your pizza, make pasta from it, put it on a roasted chicken, mix it with your dips, or you can just eat it directly with the spoon. It depends on your choice, mood, and preference of taste.

With that, let’s know if it can be cooked or not!

Does Ricotta Cheese Need To Be Cooked?

The good thing is that it is not necessary to cook ricotta cheese. You can eat it raw and if required, you can cook it too according to the needs of the dish.

And when you make so many dishes with ricotta cheese, some of the cheese may be left behind in the pack. What about that?

What To Do With Leftover Ricotta?

Well, you can make another easy dish with it. put it in a sandwich or eat it directly.

Not just that but you can put it in the freezer and use it the next time whenever it’s required.

And now, the question that arrives here is can ricotta cheese be frozen? Are you also wondering can I freeze ricotta cheese? Of course, you can freeze ricotta cheese and use it again. But it will harden by that time, so you have to use it on the dishes where cooking is involved.

Ricotta cheese can be consumed raw only when it’s fresh and not in a frozen state.

Also, talking about how long is frozen cheese good for? Ricotta cheese can be frozen for about 3 months but is completely safe to use even after that.

Some more cheese-filled information has been provided below to give you a better insight into the matter of ricotta cheese. Don’t forget to check it out.

Ricotta Straining Section

the information provided here is a treasure for all ricotta cheese loves and so calling it ricotta riches isn’t wrong.

Coming back to the details, get ready to know all about straining.

How To Strain Ricotta Cheese?

Well, ricotta cheese can be strained easily by using a cheesecloth. But what if you don’t have a cheesecloth at home?

here is the solution.

How Do You Strain Ricotta Cheese Without A Cheesecloth?

Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese
Ricotta Riches

In that case, you can use a paper towel to strain the ricotta cheese. Let us also tell you the process.

How Do You Strain Ricotta With Paper Towels?

Here is the step-by-step procedure for the same:

  1. Place a strainer over a large empty bowl.
  2. Then, place a few layers of strong paper towel over the strainer.
  3. Now, put the ricotta cheese on top of the cheesecloth.
  4. Fold the paper towel around the cheese to contain all the cheese inside.
  5. Press it firmly to strain the cheese completely.

Also, if you want to know the fastest way to strain ricotta cheese, the answer has been provided above. You can practice it once and check the results by yourself. But what’s the need to do all this?

Why do you strain ricotta cheese?

Ricotta cheese needs to be strained because it is watery and it can make the desserts or other dishes soggy with its water content.

Now we are leaving you with all this information. read it again and apply these rules in your daily life to enjoy your ricotta cheese a lot more. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for more drool-worthy updates.


Ricotta is an Italian cheese and has some water contents in it that need to strain before consuming. A lot of dishes can be made with it and the best part is that it can be consumed raw as well.

And while trying to find out if you can freeze ricotta cheese, we learned that you can freeze it for 3 months and use it even after its due date has passed.