Does Soy Sauce Go Bad?

An unopened bottle will hold its freshness for several years after the best before date, but once opened, the soy sauce will have around a month of good quality if kept at room temperature, and half a year if kept in the fridge.

However, the soy sauce will be completely safe to consume after that period, although substantially less tasty.

What Is soy Sauce?

Soy sauces is a salty liquid condiments made by fermenting soybeans and wheat. Soy sauce is made out of four fundamental ingredients: soybeans, salt, wheat, and mould or yeast (fermentation agents).

Regional soy sauces may contain various proportions of these components, resulting in a variety of hues and tastes.

Tips To Store Soy Sauces Bullets

Here are a few tips on how to store soy sauce so as to retain its quality:

  • Soy sauces should be stored in their original airtight container in a cold, dark area, such as the pantry.
  • A steady temperature is also preferable, away from the stove or dishwasher.
  • Once opened, soy sauces can be stored in the pantry with the bottle carefully re-sealed.
  • The quality of soy sauces degrades faster if it is not refrigerated, thus it should be stored in the refrigerator at all times for longer shelf life.

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Shelf Life Of Soy Sauces

The best before the date in most soy sauce bottles is 2 – 3 years but can be used even after that time period if properly stored since it’s a fermented product.

Can you consume expired soy Sauce?
Can you consume expired soy Sauce?

How To Check If Soy Sauces Is Bad?

As a fermented beverage, soy sauce is not likely to spoil. However, oxidation may degrade its quality, and follow the given steps to see if the soy sauce has gone bad.

  • Best quality soy sauces should be reddish-brown in color, depending on the brand you choose.
  • Check your soy sauces. Soy sauces can get infected if kept inappropriately, for example, without a cover.
  • Take a smell of it. Although rare, if your soy sauce smells rotten, unpleasant, or otherwise weird, discard the bottle.
  • Apply a small amount of sauce to your tongue. You should be able to detect any unpleasant flavors that may suggest that your product is beyond its prime.

Expiration Dates Of Soy Sauce

Most soy sauce bottles have an expiration date of 2–3 years. If stored in the refrigerator after opening, it can keep for up to two years. We recommend replacing an unsealed bottle every six months for optimum taste.

Additional Tips And Tricks

Although yeast-like floaties may grow in your soy sauce, this does not indicate that it is bad. As soon as you discover the white floating object in the sauce, remove it using coffee filters or something similar.

The longer it is there, the more likely it will have an effect on the quality of the condiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to eat expired soy sauces?

Yes, soy sauces being a fermented food product is safe to eat even after the best before the date stated on the bottle.

2. Why does my soy sauce smell like alcohol?

Soy sauces, like wine or beer, is a naturally brewed substances. Soybeans, wheat, salt, and water are used to make it.

Wheat starches are broken down into sugars during the fermentation process, and some of the sugar is converted into alcohol. The alcohol enhances the scent and flavor of our Soy sauce.

3. Should you refrigerate soy sauces after opening?

Not necessary. Fermented foods, such as soy sauces, have the advantage of being able to be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time without deteriorating.

An unopened bottle of it can survive two or three years, while an opened bottle can be left out of the refrigerator for up to a year.

4. Does Worcestershire sauce go bad?

Worcestershire sauce has a shelf life of 1.5 to 3 years and easily retains freshness beyond the best before date. Once opened, the condiment will hold its quality for approximately a year in the pantry and about three years in the fridge, although it will be safe to use for much longer.

The Bottom Line

Soy sauces don’t easily spoil, but it doesn’t retain quality forever either. If stored properly, it would be safe to consume for many years, but it’s recommended to use within 2 to 3 years because its quality deteriorates over time.

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