How Long Does Garlic Last? [Full Guide] To Keep It Fresh

To have fresh garlic with its flavor as it is with quality and distinct pungent taste for a long time, you will have to store them properly. it gone bad feels unsavory on the mouth. In this blog, you will get to know everything about how to store it in different forms, like peeled cloves, complete it, or minced garlic, for later use.

But before that, if you have the question, How long do garlic last let’s address it once and for all. The freshness of your garlic depends on the form in which you are planning to store it. An unscathed whole garlic can stay good for as long as six to eight months, while a peeled clove can stay fresh for about three weeks if stored properly. 

We would recommend that you use peeled garlic within a week. In case you have minced or chopped into pieces, try using it within a day.

How To Know Your Garlic Has Gone Bad?

Checking if your garlic has gone bad is essential before you use it in your meal. Lightly squeeze the cloves when they are unpeeled. A firm clove will tell you that it’s fresh, but if it’s soft, it would be better if you don’t use it.

There’s another very popular way to tell whether a clove of garlic has gone bad, and that is its color. Your garlic cloves should be white in color. If it has turned yellowish, read the sign and do not use it.

How to Store Garlic in Different Forms

how long does garlic last

Before we get into the ways to store it at different stages, let’s understand some basic rules that we should follow while buying it Always buy whole garlic and squeeze them to see if they are in good condition. Do not buy if the cloves have become soft or the garlic is sprouting.

1. Storing Whole Garlic Heads

You should keep the bulb of the garlic as it is while storing it. Peeled and minced garlic will have a much less lifespan compared to whole garlic, as we already mentioned.

If you are wondering how to store garlic for a long time, we would suggest someplace that’s dry, without any light, and with a lower temperature. You may be thinking about refrigerators but think again before you store. Store your whole garlic in a pantry which will be near room temperature but cool and dry at the same time. Ideally, Garlic needs to be stored at a temperature range of 60 to 65 degrees, but it’s difficult to find a place like that in the house. So, decide the best place you can find in your house.

Another important thing to keep in mind while storing it is airflow. Ventilation is essential to maintain the freshness of garlics, so don’t keep your whole garlics in a completely sealed bag or a closed shelf. If you are planning to keep it inside a bag, try some breathable material like paper or cotton.

2. How to Store Peeled Garlic Cloves?

Once you have peeled the cloves, it becomes a bit tricky to store it. We would say the fridge is the best place for you to keep the peeled garlic. Make sure that you put the cloves in an airtight bag or vessel and keep it inside the refrigerator. The flavor may get a little bland, but the garlics will remain good enough for you to consume.

3. Tips to Store Minced or Chopped Garlic

Many a time we end up chopping a larger amount of garlics than required to prepare a meal. Storing this chopped or minced garlics becomes compulsory to not waste food. You can dip it in olive oil and make a mixture that you can seal and keep in the refrigerator for a week.

Keeping the garlics oil mixture in an airtight bag or a container can keep it fresh for about seven days but not more than that. After that period, the mixture may grow botulism, as per USDA research. When you buy ready-made pre-minced garlics, it contains a preservative that keeps it fresh for a long time.

All About Freezing Garlic

Freezing It is another answer to your How long does fresh Garlics Last query. We will give you all the details to freeze It and use it after a long time.

Is it Safe to Freeze Garlic?

Of course, you can freeze It safely. It’s the best method to store your garlics bulbs when you don’t need them for a long time. To maintain the flavor and the fibrous texture of your garlics, you need to follow some rules:

Tips to Freeze Garlic

1. Freezing Whole Garlic Heads: Seal the whole pieces of It in an airtight bag or vessel that is freezer-proof and then freeze them. Date and label the container so that you can remember exactly when you froze it later.

2. Freezing Chopped or Minced Garlic: If you are freezing a lot of chopped garlics together, it will be better to get all the individual cloves separated and get them minced into a fine paste. Dip the entire paste into oil and create a layer over it.

Take a plate and spread the It over a lined baking sheet. Freeze the paste with the baking sheet for a night and then divide the frozen baking sheet into pieces. Store them in an airtight freezer bag and label them with the proper date before keeping them back in the freezer.

3. Freezing Peeled Garlic: If you have already peeled the cloves and wondering, How long is garlics good for after they are peeled, don’t worry. Separate the cloves and spread them on parchment paper. Make sure you have spread them uniformly on the lined sheet.

Cover the sheet in plastic and keep it in the freezer for a night. Then take the cloves out and pack them in aluminum foil, seal them inside a bag or a container that is freezer-proof, and keep it back in the freezer. It will stay fresh for as long as six months.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How long can you keep fresh garlics?
Ans. Whole garlic can stay fresh for about six months if stored properly, while the peeled cloves without the head can stay good for about three weeks.

Q2. How long does garlics last in the pantry?
Ans. You can store garlics for three to six months inside a pantry if it’s a properly cool, dry, and dark place.

Q3. Is it safe to eat old garlics?
Ans. No, it’s not. Do not eat garlic that has started becoming soggy and tastes weird. Also don’t eat it if the garlic has started sprouting or has discolored into giving a yellowish or brownish tinge.

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