Can You Freeze Yoghurt

The short answer is yes, yoghurt can definitely be frozen. Apart from having a range of health benefits, yogurt is considered a probiotic carrier food that can deliver significant amounts of probiotic bacteria into the body which can claim specific health benefits once ingested. (Reference 1) The best thing about freezing yoghurt is that you can freeze yoghurt even if it has been opened.

Store it in an airtight container and place it in your freezer at 4-degree celsius for 1-2 weeks. The frozen yoghurt will easily last for 1-2 weeks. Last weekend, I could not resist and ended up getting my whole refrigerator filled with yoghurt for the local market offering a special sale on them. Instead of stacking them up on the cupboard, I opted for the easiest method to store them i.e freeze!

If you are curious ‘can yoghurt be frozen’, then keep reading this article to find out more about freezing yoghurt.

best way to freeze yoghurt

Wondering ‘can I freeze yoghurt?’ Freezing the yoghurt is just as easy as it sounds! In the manufacture of set yoghurt, yoghurts are directly transferred to a cold store or blast chilled in cooling tunnels. This is why freezing is a very vital process of storing yoghurt. (Reference 2) 

can you freeze yogurt

Be it a commercially produced yoghurt or a homemade one, with just two to three steps, you can easily freeze it and preserve it for several weeks. Here are some ways to freeze yoghurt that you can try out!

  • Straight from the container: If you have bought those small cups of yoghurt from the store, then you can just directly store them in the refrigerator and let them freeze. You can then use it at your own convenience any time you feel!
  • Ice cube tray: Another remarkable tip to freeze yoghurt is to use ice cube trays. You can pour the yoghurt into the ice cube spaces and put it into the freezer. Let it freeze overnight to make sure it is fully frozen. Once the yoghurt has been turned into ice pieces, you can transfer them into a freezer-safe bag. This process is ideal if you wish to make smoothies using yoghurt. You can just pour the cubes into the blender with other ingredients and your smoothie is all ready!
  • Plastic tube: This is actually a great trick if you want your little ones to have the taste and benefits of yoghurt as well. You can include fruit purees for flavour and then vacuum seal it. Put it in the freezer and once they have been completely frozen, you can treat it to your kids. 
  • Cookie or ice cream scoops: This method works best if you use greek yoghurt. First, take a pan with a baking sheet over it and then use a cookie scoop to put yoghurt on it. Put it into the freezer and freeze it for several hours or overnight. Once they have been frozen, you can transfer them into freezer safe bag to save up some space.

Freezing greek yoghurt is almost the same as freezing normal yoghurt. You can use ice cubes or airtight containers to freeze greek yoghurt in a similar way. Greek yoghurt freezer is the same freezer you use when you want to freeze normal yoghurt.

How to Use Frozen Yogurt

Once your yoghurt has been frozen, do not expect the yoghurt to remain as fresh as the first time you bought it. Change in its texture and taste is quite normal after it has been frozen for quite some time. Before you fully dig in, it is advisable to first take a small amount to taste its flavour. Frozen yoghurt is mostly used in preparing smoothies like fruit and yoghurt smoothies, and avocado and spinach smoothies.

Frozen yoghurt is great if you are intending to make marinades for fish or meat. Yoghurt plays a great role in tenderizing meat and improving its texture. If you have thawed frozen yoghurt, you can also use it in dips and spreads. Frozen yoghurt is a great ingredient in baking goods like cakes, quick bread and muffins. 

How Long Does Yogurt Last in the Freezer?

can you freeze yogurt

Freezing the zucchini is responsible for extending its shelf life. Frozen yoghurt can last up to six to eight weeks and is safe to consume until that period. No matter how many tricks you try to preserve it, yoghurt won’t last forever. Every product has its expiry date and so does yoghurt.

Freezing it will increase its shelf life but won’t make it last forever. If you notice moulds on top of your yoghurt, then it is best to throw that product right away. If your yoghurt starts giving off a strong sour and rancid smell, then consider your yoghurt has gone bad. 


Q1. can you freeze yoghurt cups ?
Ans. If you have purchased yoghurt cups from the local store, it is absolutely okay to freeze the whole cup by putting it into the freezer. The effect will remain the same. 

Q2. Can you freeze greek yoghurt? 
If you are wondering ‘can greek yoghurt be frozen’, then yes, it can surely be. If you thaw it, it will separate into a grainy texture and will work exceptionally in smoothies, cookies and baked goods. 

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